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Fantastic Four for those who don't know are a Marvel owned Superhero Team featuring The Thing, Mr Fantastic, Human Torch and Invisible Woman. For those who do know them, I decided to do a fan-cast for the upcoming reboot that is bound to happen. I'm not an anti-reboot man like many others, I welcome this movie first and foremost because I wasn't fond of some of the cast for the last movies and because Galactus was a cloud in the last movie. A damn cloud, what were they thinking. Here are my choices:

Mr Fantastic - Michael Fassbender

This newly admired, Irish actor is hot property in Hollywood at the moment with some stellar performances in Prometheus and 12 Years a Slave. This is the toughest of the character castings but I think Michael Fassbender is the man for the job.

Invisible Woman - Elizabeth Olsen

I've grown to become a big fan of this young actress ever since her show-stealing performance in Liberal Arts with Josh Radnor. She's a very likable actress who unlike her siblings, can actually act. If you've never seen her in anything before you might not agree with this one but if you have seen her in something I'm sure you'll agree.

Human Torch-Ryan Gosling/Michael B. Jordan

The Human Torch is probably my favorite of the Fantastic Four and so the role is important to me. It is almost inevitable that Michael B. Jordan is going to be Johnny Storm and I'm okay with that. I think he's a good choice but if I had it my way I'd give the role to Mr. Ryan Gosling. He's never been a superhero and he ticks all the boxes in that department. Especially for Human Torch.

The Thing - Michael Chiklis

For me this guy is the only actor for The Thing. He's played the character in the last two movies and I felt he did no wrong. Plus I'm not sure who else I would cast hah.

Let me know what you guys think. Who should be here, who shouldn't? Keep the comments flowing.


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