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I know right now that some of you are in shock. You didn't know that the Creature From The Black Lagoon was a trilogy. It's okay, until around the birth of the internet I didn't know either. I had spent my whole life not knowing that my absolute favorite monster movie had a third part.

If you didn't know, congratulations, you have a new movie to watch. If you did know about it, I'm proud of you. However, this article isn't about who knew and who did not. It's about discovering them all over again. I have loved these movies since I first saw them as a child in the mid to late 70's on TV.

By the time the 80's came around it was all about Halloween, Friday the 13th and Freddy Krueger. It seemed like there was a new Friday the 13th or Halloween movie every year of the 80's. I mean I vividly recall my dad talking me to see Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D on August the 13th, 1982 and yes it was a Friday. I remember taking my girlfriend to see Friday 6, 7 and 8 and a few days before we got married in '89 my fiance and some friends all went out to see Halloween 5.

The 80's were an amazing time for horror films. There was something new almost every week it seemed. There was no such thing as CGI and so all the blood curdling special effects were practical. With new special effect artists like Tom Savin, Rick Backer and Rob Bottin taking gore to the next level, there was almost no reason to look back to the classics. Anything seemed possible and with each new horror flick they tried to prove it.

Then the 90's happened. I didn't have time for anything. Life was happening to me, good and bad. Kids, divorce, work, depression, it wasn't until that decade was over that there was time for anything I wanted.

It was some time in '99 I saw a VHS copy of Creature in a bin of other forgotten films that were selling for a buck. I searched the rest of the bin and as luck would have it I found Revenge of the Creature! Took them home, made some popcorn and had the best movie night! I had gotten my DVD player maybe in '98? I got online the next day looking for the movies on DVD's. I loved DVD's because they have special features! I Discovered the 3rd film in the Trilogy. I had to have it. Couldn't find it available anywhere.

Sometime around 2005 a friend got me the trilogy on DVD for Christmas. It was one of my all time Christmas presents. I am not one to watch movies over and over again. I could do that when I was kid, I can't do it now. I watch it and I'm done with it. Even if it's good. Unless I am watching it with someone who hasn't seen it, I won't watch most movies a second time. My Creature films however, there's something different about them and not just them. I love so many of the black and white classics but for me, the creature trilogy is the best.

So it was 2005 when I first watched the full trilogy. I watched them again for Halloween in 2009 and I think it's about time to watch them again this Halloween. I have been planning this for a few weeks now. I've got the popcorn ready, the chocolate. Can't have one without the other.

It's been Halloween now for about an hour and forty-five minutes as I write this alone, in my house. Halloween 5 is playing on the TV to my right. Thanks AMC. I am about to post this article and then try to decide on a horror movie to watch before I head to bed. I wonder what it will be? But, more than that I wonder if I am alone? Am I the only one staying home this Halloween? Am I the only one planning on watching some classic horror this Halloween? And, am I the only that will be watching the Creature From The Black Lagoon trilogy this Halloween?

If not, what are you planning on watching?


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