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Aiden Chambers

First things first, Ditch Olivier megaton. That man spends entirely too much time in the editing room, editing the fight scenes so often, and so fast, that you can barely tell whats going on. During that first fight scene, were they fighting? or was Liam Neeson making a ham sandwich incredibly fast?

He (Olivier megaton) tarnished the "Taken" name, BUT not so badly that it cant be restored to all its rightful glory.

Second: Bring back Pierre Morel, that man knows how to make Liam Neeson look like the bad ass that he is. The first movie was a good success and had people lining up to throw an action role Liam Neesons's way. Let's end the trilogy with the original director! A man who knows how to get a proper angle on Liam Neeson chopping someones throat.

Third: Give the people what they want! I think quite a lot of people want to see Maggie Grace doing some ass kicking of her own. Sure we want Liam Neeson to be the main ass kicker of the movie, but It would be great to have Maggie Grace take out a few bad guys too.

Fourth: More hand to hand combat! Less guns! Guns are so boring to watch, it's not as visually appealing as someone going hand to hand with a bad guy. Taken is known for its great hand to hand combat scenes, so they should give us more of it!

And lastly... End it with a bang! For this, we need to ask ourselves a couple questions.

1. Do we want Liam Neeson to die in the final film? Lots of the greatest movies end with the hero dying at the end. Should Taken also take this approach?

2. Should it even end at 3? Is there enough of a fan base anymore for them to even consider a fourth film? Perhaps this is the type of question we can't answer until after the 3rd film is released. So! what do you guys think? does this sound like a good plan for a successful Taken 3? What else would you like to see in the next installment?


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