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Happy Halloween everyone, hope you all have a great night of Trick Or Treating and got some cool scary or awesome looking costumes to show off. When I was little I loved the old school Disney animated movies and cartoons such as Jungle Book, The Rescuers, Aladdin, Mickey & Donald and others. Compared to today you can’t beat the timeless classics that can never be outmatched. With the exception of a few films like Cars, Toy Story and Ratatouille for example, it just doesn’t have that feel anymore. I understand there’s evolution in animation with CGI and other things and there have been some good Disney movies but again, it was that classic animation that made the film great, now it’s too much and very obvious technology in the animation.

Every now and then today, we’ll get a Disney film that has that classic feel and the animation is spot on from the old days like Princess & The Frog and Lilo & Stitch. I love those kinds of animated movies; those are the ones that bring back memories. It’s awesome to create new memories with some of the CGI films but they don’t have that timeless smile and joy some of us had. I believe that every 4th or 5th Disney movie should be made with the classic animation we all know and love, they have that still around and it’s never too late to create some again.

With today’s technology it’s hard now to really get into the movie; sure the kids love it and I’m all for that but for others, it seems too real. If we wanted realistic films, don’t even animate it. Go back to the Drawing Board and show off those motional animated characters as if they’ll jump out of the paper. That’s the type of feel a lot of people love to have and give it that feeling of warmth and emotion. With the CGI, there’s too much of that emotion and it’s more fun to have a character feel like they’ll jump out of paper instead of a computer. Let’s face it, some Disney films today just flat out suck compared to the awesome films to that of the 30s to the early 90’s. Don’t get me wrong I like some of the new stuff but most especially the stories don’t have that jaw dropping happy feel, when the animation and story work in unison its magic but when one overshadows the other it doesn’t seem right. Take for example The Rescuers, to this day I love that movie but one thing that I noticed is the animation ran over the storyline as the story ran a tad too long in some scenes and the animation covered it up just to make ground.

Most of all, most classic animated films are fun and enjoying to watch, hell I’ll admit every time I watch Beauty & The Beast I get Goosebumps whenever some of the music is playing; the story with the animation were perfect. Can you tell I’m a Disney nerd lol? There’s no one on this planet that doesn’t love at least a few Disney movies and sharing the love and excitement of Disneyland. Help bring back some of that nostalgia and loving memories of when we were kids and watching those kick ass films. Those were the movies that made you think, laugh, cry, follow along with the songs and just have the time of your life; it’s not as fun today. Disney will always be timeless no question about it but every once in a while, evolve backwards and show what true animation is all about.


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