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Jonathan J Moya

The final IMAX poster for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is a pop kitschy take-off on the works of Fantastic Realism sculptor Kris Kuksi.

Kuksi is know for his sculptures that meld old, classical forms with new, modern references that art critic Joshua Liner called “a study in timelessness and intricacies, reminiscent of lost civilizations, deities and ruins – perfectly preserved."

The piece above melds images of the sacred and profane, warrior and priest, imperfect monsters and perfectly sculpted men to create a mind-blowing phantasmagoria of heaven above, earth in the middle and hell below.

Kuksi reclaims old materials (toys, machine parts, tossed off salvage and every day trash placed on the curbside) and reconstructs them into things totally new and not resembling the original at all.

He fills his pieces with a sense of forms lost and unsettling futures to come-- a warning about trusting fundamentalist societies and religions that have a dictatorial and totalitarian bent.

The Hunger Games Imax tribute balances off Capitol symbols (on the right of the poster) with the resistance faction Phoenix symbols (on the left), with Katniss the synthesizing angel spreading her wings (forming the middle). The rest is pretty deep stuff for a movie poster and I leave you dear reader to explore that for yourself.

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