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So here is my top 10 heroes I would love to see get their own movies!

Coming in at number 10 is....

Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger are like bread and butter and even thou they are not a single hero they fight together. Like Ying and Yang, they represent light and dark. Cloak can teleport himself and others, go intangible and can link to the "Dark Dimensions". Dagger can create dagger like projectiles of light, heal herself and other with her light dagger and can purge addiction in others. The final power kind of gives a big hint as to what these guys do. They take on the drug crime world and help those with addiction as both characters have a history of addiction themselves. Now you can not ignore the fact their movie would instantly have a different feel as the evil they face is one that exists in our own world and is not some sci-fi super baddie.

At number 9 is...


X-23 is not as well known as her DNA donor Wolverine. She is a female clone of him, when X-1-X-22 failed to mature the scientists that created her realized it was the Y Chromosomes that where collapsing on the clones. So what do you do? Simple, erase the Y Chromosomes and double the X Chromosomes. The clone sister of Wolverine is created. Now another thing to know about X-23 is if you think Wolverine had it bad, she had it worse. She was basically treated like a lab rat growing up in cold laboratories and not being allowed to have close attachment to the adults around her. Then the poor lab rat was infused with adamantium and then turned into a killing machine. Just think, her first film need not have her as a good guy, but a blood thirsty killer only to be freed of those controlling her by the end of the film. It could be epic if done with the right team of writers.

Sitting at number 8 is...


Zatanna is the sexiest spell weaver in the DC universe. Also you have got to love how her spells work. If you do not know you can always figure out her spells by spelling what she says backwards. So if she were to want to close the door she would say, "rood eht esolc." So it's pretty cool. She has even suggested speaking backwords is her native tongue which is pretty mental to think about. Also she has some brilliant magical foes she could be pitted against in the films. If they wanted to avoid doing a solo film straight off with her they could even introduce her in another film, for example Superman as Superman does have a weakness to magic. So she could be the one that can help him fight his foe.

In at number 7 is...

Black Canary

Black Canary is can kick but with the best of them. She is easily one of the most skilled fighters in DC, so a movie with her would have to have a brilliant choreographer. I think with Canary they would be better off having her as a side character for a Green Arrow movie then splitting her off into her own film. Personally I would love her to have Silver Banshee as her foe in the movie. The good and evil sonic screamers fighting it out would be pretty cool. Also imagine the 3D effects in a film, high pitch screams can equal lots of things falling and breaking.

Just short of my top 5 is...

Green Arrow

Green Arrow is your every day man's hero. He is not interested in taking on a Lex Luthor when he could stop a robbery at his local super market. He stands for the people and as proven in his current TV show he could easily own the big screen if portrayed correctly. As I mentioned above they can easily have Black Canary in it as a supporting character and he has plenty of foes for them to choose for a film. Fingers crossed and his arrows might not be all the fly.

At number 5 I have...


She-Hulk is as green and mean as her cousin, but she keeps her brains in battle. It is easy for them to introduce her into a Hulk movie and then have her own solo film. She has even been an Avenger so she can easily jump into those films also. She has a lot to offer the big screen and if they used her foe Titania it could be a hardcore fight unlike any seen yet between two characters. Also she is a lawyer, so with all the buildings the Avengers are destroying in their movies they could use some legal help I am sure.

At number 4 is...


Supergirl is pretty well known. She has had her own movie before, but let us face it out of the original Superman movie series her movie was the weakest. It could have been better if they used a real villain from the comics but instead they made up that witch woman. Also as you can see from the picture above, they have plenty of Supergirls to choose from. Personally I would love for the to do Kara Zor-el, Clark's cousin from Kandor. She has had some interesting development in the comics and the two versions of Kara that appeared in the two animated films Batman/Superman Apocalyse and Superman Unbound were both really good. One dealt with her initial landing on Earth and dealing with her new world, the other the demons from her past...Brainiac. Hopefully with the success of Man of Steel she will get her own reboot given time.

Just below my top 3 is...

Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are the DC's answer to Romeo and Juliet. They have loved and lived their lives countless times. Their souls and bound together and it makes it so they can not do a Hawkman solo film or a Hawkgirl solo film. They need to be together or you would miss out on the essence of who they are. Also did I mention they are aliens? Yeah this pair are from a planet called Thanagar which is a world consumed in war. So they pair know how to fight and well they like weapons like maces made of enth metal which is a pretty cool metal in the DC Universe as it holds and electrical charge and can repel magic. So they could come in very handy if the Justice League ever fight a magic user.

Settling for silver and my 2nd place is...

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, The Amazonian Princess. She is one of the core three from DC, the other two being Batman and Superman. So why, oh why will DC not give her her own movie. She is a key player in DC and if the Green Lantern is worthy of a film why not her? She can fly, is super strong, she can deflect bullets, wields multiple weapons and her personal fave is the golden lasso of truth. I fear what is stopping her getting a film is the fact in the past Wonder Woman were women who did not need men, well now they decades have past they have gotten over that pretty much in the comics. So I think they are scared she may come off as a woman who hates all men and they fear attacks of sexism from male viewers. Yes they would have Wonder Woman get over her issues eventually in the film but I still think it is what is holding her solo film up. Where if she is debuted in the Justice League film they can hint at it but not really say it giving them the window they need.

At my number 1 spot is...

Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel is one my personal all time favorite heroes from Marvel Comics so that is why she is my number 1. But let me explain why. She is basically one of the power houses of Marvel Comics. She can go toe to toe with characters like the Hulk. Not only is she mega strong she can also fly which is an extra advantage. She can also absorb energy and redirect it back at her enemies. At one point her powers got so insanely powerful she even became a cosmic entity known as Binary and traveled the stars for a time. She even made major in the air force before becoming a super hero, so she is a strong woman by character. She could be the one to lead female heroes onto the big screen without being too feminine in its origin, lets face it all the boys will love seeing her climb into a cockpit in her flight gear. She even has a brilliant history in the comics for them to draw on including a very controversial rape story line (but not in the conventional sense of rape) and a story of her becoming an alcoholic. She shows that heroes are also human.

So these are my top 10. How many of my top 10 were on your top 10 list? Did you agree with my choices?


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