ByDave Conley, writer at
"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
Dave Conley

First Ryan Reynolds said it was tip toeing forward. Director Tim Miller now claims in an interview with Clevver movies that Deadpool is closer to getting the go ahead than it was two months ago. He's also said that the script has ben revised by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Miller said in the interview- “We will never give up! Deadpool is still alive and we’re just waiting for the studio to embrace what an amazingly F***ing awesome film this would be. Ryan is ready, I am ready, the fans are MORE than ready—we just need that elusive green light!”


Come on Fox these people are passionate about this project! Reynolds is perfect for this character. I for one really want to see this! SO LETS GET GOING! WRITE THAT CHECK! What do you think? I'm following this movie among others, now will you follow me here on the pilot? Let me know.


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