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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
Dave Conley

So while doing promo for the upcoming Enders Game Harrison Ford was asked by Late Show host David Letterman the obligatory question

“What about Star Wars? What about Indiana Jones? Will we be seeing you in anymore Indiana Jones or Star Wars movies?”

Harrison Ford mouthed something to Letterman. Then, Ford turned and smiled at the audience.


“What did he say? I’m sorry I didn’t…”


“I’ve been waiting for just the right moment to say that.”

Letterman then said:

“Yeah, we didn’t hear anything you said. You probably get tired of people asking you those questions. Huh?”


“You know, there’s just no answer, that’s all. There’s just no answer. I don’t want to get grumpy on you. But there’s no answer.”

Letterman had introduced Ford by saying his movies had made over 7 Billion dollars and he wasn't giving up on this.

“But you would do it if somebody said let’s get together and do one?”

So Ford finally gave in and answered:

“Yeah, because I’ve only made $7 billion, wouldn’t you?”

He also told a great joke about an 85 year old man whose friends had got him a hooker and when the old man asked her what she was there for she said "I'm going to give you super sex" To which the old man replied- "I'll have the SOUP"

SO whaddya think? Was Indy just being funny or do you want to see him? OR has Disney even asked whether he wanted soup or sex?


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