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It might seem like a poor idea on my part to write about something I know virtually nothing about, but hey, I'm on the internet. I'll fit right in, I reckon. If you told me back in 2008 that the iconic post-credits scene in Iron Man (in which Nick Fury says "You think you're the only superhero?") would eventually lead to a film starring a tree god and a talking space raccoon, I would've said... well, nothing. I would have been so utterly dumbstruck. I had a little bit of that feeling when I first heard the announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy, (a movie that recently had some promotional art spotted in Brazil, if you're wondering where I got the picture from) as I never read about, or even heard of, the characters. Seeing in the various descriptions that Glenn Close would be playing a character called Nova Prime, I thought to myself "So... does that mean it's the jumping off point for The Man Called Nova?" I had at least the vaguest notion of Rich Rider and his exploits, but soon realized my knowledge of that character would not serve me with this film. I know Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Frank Castle, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Hank Pym, Johnny Blaze, Stephen Strange, Clint Barton, and a veritable jamboree of other Marvel heroes. But Peter Quill? Gamora? Drax the Destroyer? Nah. Rocket Raccoon? Blank stares. Groot? That's not a word, that's just a sound! I've never been less prepared for a Marvel movie in my life.

That being said, however, I'm looking forward to GoTG. Maybe it's because of my cluelessness on the topic that I'm so intrigued. In a weird way, I'm looking forward to this movie more than any other 2014 superhero movie. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely excited for a lot of movies. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sounds like it will definitely live up to its title adjective, and I can't wait to finally see Electro on the big screen. And what of X-Men: Days of Future Past? The iconic storyline? The introduction of Bishop, Quicksilver, and the Sentinels?! My God, the SENTINELS, man!!! (Okay, we briefly saw a decapitated Sentinel head in The Last Stand, but I'm not sure anybody wanted a reminder of that particular film.) And let's not forget 2014's earliest superhero release, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A hybrid superhero movie/political thriller? That's awesome! I loved the first Captain America movie, and I thought he was great in The Avengers. Now we get to see him struggle to come to grips with finding his purpose in a world that is far from black and white, where corruption is the norm, politics can be bought and sold, and the words 'freedom' and 'justice' have been rendered totally subjective. Oh, and the Falcon. I like the Falcon.

But still, I'm really getting excited for Guardians. The idea of this new property has me hooked, and if it gives us some introduction to Thanos, as we've so often been told it would, then all the better. August can't possibly come fast enough.

What's your take on Guardians? Know any stories that would serve as a good introduction to get ready for the movie? Still not sure what the movie's even about? Sound off in the comments, and, in the words of Groot "I am... GROOT!!!"


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