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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
Dave Conley

The Yorkville Patch is reporting strange goings on at what was the location of the Kent family farm in Man of Steel. Strange lights in the corn fields, "No trespassing" signs have also been put up in the area and a new street sign has apparently moved in as well.

A resident reported that there were also people carrying spotlights in the evening hours.

Local officials are being extremely tight lipped on whether it's for the new Batman vs Superman movie. Yorkville city officials said they had not heard of any activity in the area, saying it was Kendall County jurisdiction.

Commander Phil Smith of the Sheriff's office, said only "They haven't contacted us yet if there is something," he was the police liaison during the filming of the Superman movie last year and the production company did say that they wanted to return to this location.

Senior planner for Kendall County Building and Zoning, Angela Zubko, confirmed that the lights are what many residents suspected: a movie is being filmed. But she did not have any information on what the movie was, and would likely not be able to provide it if she did. She did say that filming was supposed to begin in late August and is expected to finish at the end of February 2014. Which is about when they're scheduled to shoot in Detroit.

So if you're in Yorkville, Illinois and you have pics of these "Strange Lights in the sky", "The Patch" wants you to email them to your editor at [email protected]


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