ByBandi Hartsfield, writer at
Bandi Hartsfield

Many people remember Beetlejuice. That creepy green hair, pale white skin, yellow teeth, and all around creepy. As creepy he is, people are begging for more...and Tim Burton is rumored to fulfill that request. We don't know much, but many think that Micheal Keaton will reprise his role.

Micheal Keaton, who is famous for Batman (1989), may not reprise his role, unless they halt production for Beetlejuice 2. Why is that, you may ask? Because Micheal Keaton is currently filming a movie adaption of Harvey Birdman. (Pictures shown below.)

I think that they should wait for Keaton to finish filming Harvey Birdman. As much as i would love seeing a Beetlejuice sequel, id rather wait for Keaton than having a different actor play his famous role. This would also give the film makers more time to write a better script.

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