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I am a huge fan of the 2010 reboot of the classic 1968 cop drama. I have seen many of the old seasons and enjoyed them all. Jack Lord is the greatest in the show, along with James MacArthur. But, when CBS rebooted the show many people were leery. Lets face it, in movies and t.v. remakes are the first idea to come across the drawing board. Spiderman, Superman, Batman....Ect. But the show has lasted four seasons which surprises viewers. I for one am not shocked, the show is great!

I have never missed an episode. Which makes me think, could this last as long as the classic 68' version? Hawaii Five-O lasted twelve seasons, I think we have a runner up here. The show is more of a teen/young adult viewer oriented, but more and more adults are posting on the Facebook page saying how great the show is. They kept the same characters, changed some and added some to keep up with the times. But I see it as the 68' version where you didn't know what Wo Fat was up to, or how Steve McGarrett would solve the crime in the episode.

I believe that Hawaii Five-0 10' will surpass the Hawaii Five-O 68'. The casting is great and the story lines for each character make you beg for more each episode. When I watch the show it doesn't even feel like an hour has passed, it feels like twenty minutes went by. Sure the show is only like forty two minutes because of commercials, but it doesn't matter it's a badass show. I will be watching tonight's episode in twenty minutes, like I said I never miss an episode. What do you think will it last as long as the original? Have you ever seen the show? If not, watch it - you won't regret it. I welcome all comments.


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