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So there has been a rumor of a new female role for Man of Tomorrow (I call Batman VS Superman that because that's what I hope it'll be called) and Thor the Dark World star Jaimie Alexander was revealed at a Q&A panel at Comikaze'13 to be talking with WB about the movie and she knows the plot of the movie. So I have a few theories about this...

1. She just might be Wonder Woman. Now I think having Wonder Woman be a cameo at the end of Man of Tomorrow to set up a Wonder Woman movie is a nice idea. Yes I know she already played a warrior in a superhero movie but hey I have no problem with character's playing similar roles; look at Chris Evans. I think she would make a nice Wonder Woman if she built herself up more for the role since Wonder Woman is a big woman and if they use camera tricks similar to what Peter Jackson did in The Lord of the Rings to make her taller than Henry Cavill (Wonder Woman is actually taller than Superman in the comics because she's an amazon) then she has my approval.

2. She could also be Vicki Vale who I would like to see have a better appearance that what Basinger gave us in the '89 Batman movie. Decent job if they cast her.

3. She could be the new universe's Supergirl. Hear me out on this one, just because the 1984 movie was terrible doesn't mean this will be. With this new universe you can create a new version of Supergirl since in my opinion, the New 52 Supergirl sucks and a lot of reboots of her were. So yeah.

I mostly think she's Wonder Woman, what are your thoughts on this?


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