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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

I really LIKE Ridley Scott's movies (very talented director), I mean come on! Gladiator is one of my favorite movies! Along with Alien, Prometheus, Black Hawk Down, American Gangster, The Grey and many more. But, in no way shape or form do I think the man is racist...."Ridley, come on man!! Why are you making this movie?!" If you told people this was a re-imagining of Exodus then I would be cool with the casting and all the other b.s.

Sorry Mr.Scott, the movie is already looking tacky from what the photos below can provide for us and you're using some of my favorite actors in this movie! And I don't hate these actors because they're doing their job, but I would love to see a legit Exodus film minus the whole Moses being a warrior and every fair skin human being in Egypt was a higher power. Lets see darker skin actors as kings and queens of Egypt, with a Moses who has darker skin as well. Still, I could be wrong about the movie being tacky so who am I to judge the movie based only on set photos.

We will the way when I use the term "dark skin" I mean anything that's a darker shade of fair skin, not a stereotype imagination of a jet black skin human being. So readers how do you feel about this movie? Me personally I'm not too excited about this film but still somewhat interested. In conclusion the movie has to be "white" due to a high percentage of Americans being fair skinned/Caucasian, so the audience needs to feel comfortable when watching a movie. I guess a "non-white"or mixed cast is unsettling?


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