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Another topic that's going to cause A LOT of debate. Which movies were the best in their respective trilogy/franchises? We're going to cover everything from superhero films to animated films and everything in between. I'm going to give an overall summary of each one then give my verdict on what I thought was (in order from best to worst) Keep in mind that whatever movie is last doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad movie! It just means that they weren't on the same level as the others. Without further ado, Let's debate!

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy 2002-2007

One of my all-time favorite trilogies because I grew up with these movies and it's my 2nd favorite superhero between Batman and Superman being 3rd. Tobey Maguire IMO, was the best Spider Man up until the 3rd one. Andrew Garfield is doing good so far so I'll post judgement until after Webb's franchise is finished. SM1 was a great movie introducing the character of Spider-Man and was a main reason superhero movies are popular today. SM2 is in my top 5 movies ever and should be on everyone's top superhero movie list. SM3 dropped the ball and wasn't really up to par with the first two.

Kalyeb's Verdict: 2, 1, 3

Spider-Man 2 is top 5 CBM (comic-book movie) of all time for me with Dark Knight, Avengers, Man of Steel & Kick-Ass. SM2 was incredible in words that's hard to explain without sounding to fanboyish. Molina's Doc Ock stole the show and the train scene is one of the best in superhero movie history. SM1 made me love superhero movies, SM3 sort of crushed them a bit. (Emo Peter Parker? Really?!)

Iron Man franchise 2008-2013

The Iron Man franchise is a big favorite among Marvel fans and just casual movie fans alike. RDjr. is absolutely perfect for this role it's insane! Born to play the role is an understatement! Anyways, the trilogy (if they decide to make more IM films) stands on it's own due to having a sense of coolness throughout the movies and brings a hip and modern feel to them. IM1 was incredible, while IM2 followed suit and Rourke's performance was great. IM3 apparently raised the most problems but still good for an IM movie.

Kalyeb's Verdict: 1, 2, 3 (Could swap 2 & 3 depending on preference but IM1 is EASILY the best in the franchise)

IM1 like I said earlier gave off that cool, suave vibe that fits perfectly to what it wanted to accomplish. It's hard to explain but I hope you get where I'm going with this. IM2 lost no ground & IM3 seemed like they could've done way better but still a solid movie.

The Dark Knight Trilogy 2005-2012

Arguably the greatest superhero trilogy of all-time and it's critical success and the box office shows why. Nolan made Batman more grounded and realistic and it worked amongst most fans. Some wanted a live-action portrayal of an animated series/Arkham City style Batman (like myself) but I'm not a world-class director, I'm just a movie/superhero fan. Another trilogy that's somewhat dear to me coming after the huge success of Spider-man 2 and TDK coming out in my freshman year of high-school and TDKR releasing 2 months after I graduated high school, so these movies definitely bring back some great memories.

Without a doubt this trilogy's highlight is Heath Ledger's take on The Joker. Magnificent. Nicholson's Joker was great showing really the comic side of the character but Ledger's joker was nothing to play with, he gave you serious joker, with sprinkles of hilarity that made it feel like the Joker is a real person. Hopefully that little segment kind of shows you where I'm getting at with this. TDK is by far the best in the trilogy not only for Ledger's joker, but for the complexity of the movie, the twists, pushing Batman to his limits, everything about that movie was great coming from someone that didn't like the 'realism' route Nolan was taking.

Kalyeb's Verdict: Dark Knight, Rises, Begins (Choosing 2nd place is tough because both were pretty neck and neck in their own ways) Maybe just seeing Rises a few days ago and not seeing Begins in a long while is probably the main reason here but that can change after watching Begins again. That's what I love about movies! I'm a firm believer in less realism in Batman movies and superhero movies in general but TDK will always be number 1 for me in this trilogy. It set itself apart way to far from the rest and Rises couldn't keep up.

That's it for Part 1! This is an opinionated article, so I know heavy debate in the comment section is in the near future. You know the drill, Good order? Horrible order? Let me know what you have for your personal greatest to least in the comments. Let's Debate!


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