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Lars Johnson

Ender's Game, financed by Summit Entertainment, is based off the 1985 book of the same name.

And before we continue, I have read the source material (no matter how much I hate Orson Scott Card, he can write).

Asa Butterfield stars as the title character Andrew Wiggin, who is sent to Battle School in what in this film is meant to be some sort of Hogwarts that orbits the Earth.

Is it accurate? Mostly, but if you've read the book you will be slightly annoyed with plot points slightly differing. For example: Valentine does not join Ender in finding another home for the Formics, and it is left more open-ended.Valentine is one of the most important characters in the entire Ender saga, and doesn't seem to have much placement in the future of the franchise (of any). Despite this, the visuals and sheer fun and delight couldn't help me but enjoy Ender's Game.

The result isn't exactly disappointing since I didn't go in with high expectations. The direction is fine, and Gavin Hood of X-Men Origins: Wolverine does a lackluster job but still gets the job done.

When the movie started, and the screening was about 5 minutes in, I was starting to get annoyed at how the performances were decent at best. Butterfield portrayed Ender in a way no body else could. Another thing that annoyed me is that he had to narrate the opening and add exposition.

The score also was somewhat half-assed but still nicely placed.

It has been labeled as an 'unfilmable' book, but that has since been proven wrong with Ender's Game's sometimes successful sometimes not emotional scenes, and Harrison Ford does his best but it feels like the production team is holding a gun to his head. Before anyone asks, I did see the film in IMAX, and the format really adds to the experience with earth-shattering sounds. Definitely could have been more thought-provoking than it was instead of doing zero-G scenes, which was a visual spectacle.

Visuals: 7/10

Plot: 8/10

Performances: 6/10

Accuracy: 60 percent

Consensus: Overall, I liked Ender's Game and will definitely be picking it up on Blu-Ray.



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