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Craig Patrick Arnott

On October 25th 2013 it was announced that a Charmed reboot series was in the works. This has been met with mixed reactions by both the original cast and the fans. However what was interesting was released 5 days later.

On October 30th 2013 Alyssa Milano tweeted:

"I would definitely do a movie. Would you, @H_Combs @rosemcgowan and @DohertyShannen?."

Referring to the other three leads of the series Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Rose Mcgowan. What was even more shocking was it was Shannen Doherty to reply saying:

"Yep I would. Enough was left undone to address and make a good movie."

The reason for the surprise of Doherty being the first to respond is due to the fact it was no secret that Milano and Doherty did not get on well off set as well as they did on set. So the nice thing to see is that is obviously behind them now.

So what do you think? Would you welcome a movie linked directly to the highly successful TV series? What would you want to see in the movie? How would you invision a movie franchise from the show to play out?


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