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With all the hype and people now accepting the fact Ben Affleck is playing the newest incarnation of Batman, it is time to think of villains they could face.

The movie is likely to have more than one villain and they will be diverse in powers as some will obviously have more strengths against Batman and others against Superman. It is also unlikely they will pull out the big guns like Darkseid, Brainiac or possibly even The Joker as they are more likely to save the first two for Justice League films and The Joker for a solo Batman film. So who else could they use? Here are some ideas of who I think we might see and why.


Metallo is a guy who is powered by Kryptonite. So it is pretty obvious that he is a big threat to Superman. With that being said, his metal body would force Batman to prove just how good he is. He would have to use all his martial arts skill, gadgets and knowledge to take this guy down.


Parasite has the ability to drain a persons energy and gain their abilities as a result. So if he drained Superman he could do everything Superman can, if he drained Batman he would gain all of his fighting skills and acrobatically skills. He could be a foe that would allow the movie makers to show how unstoppable Batman and Superman are when they fight together.

Lex Luthor

Well here you have someone with a brain and he knows how to make it a deadly weapon. When you add to that his love of expensive toys such as guns that fire bursts of Kryptonite energy it makes him a great adversary for Superman. It may be easier thou for Batman to fight this guy as Bruce Wayne and hurt Lex where it hurts the most, his stock shares. Another great point of Luthor is also his lust for power so they have so many options on what they can do with him.


Now don't let the fact this guy is a walking mud pit fool you. He is pretty deadly in the comics and with what effort they put into CGI with big blockbusters now they could make him truly terrifying on the big screen. The guy can slip through your plug hole and just suffocate you in your sleep. He is a foe that can give both Batman and Superman issues is combat with him, so it could be a great foe to make them work together.

Silver Banshee

Yes, she it is pretty much in her name what she does. She has an extremely powerful high pitch sonic scream for a weapon. However when you are a guy with superhearing, it might give you a problem in battle. Add in with that her ability to fly, if she has taken out Superman, Batman would be required to show how clever he really is. Oh yeah she also has the strength of 10 men and can teleport through sound waves. So yeah he will have to be very clever.

Mr Freeze

Good old Freeze is pretty well known, but if coupled with another villain who is after Superman we could see a great Mr Freeze and Batman fight on the big screen. They guy needs redemption after the Batman and Robin movie, so hopefully the new franchise can do him justice.

Which villains would you like to see join forces to fight the duo in their upcoming movie?


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