ByCoco J Ruddach, writer at
Coco J Ruddach

Now I have received many comments relating to what the possible storyline could be in store for the Zelda movie. As far as storyline goes it is still up in the air. As many of you may have heard there has been speculation of a interactive Zelda movie project. From what I understand, the idea of using the 3DS would be an interesting concept, however this idea seems to be not to original after all. Disney has been toying with iPads it would seem, according to sources Disney has been working on a movie "Little Mermaid: Second Screen Live" which uses the mic on the iPad to sync with the movie via an app to connect with the film.

I believe that being original is very hard these days in the film industry, Nintendo has always come with new and amazing experiences for their fans. Will we be experiencing something new in the movies? Maybe, but if this dream comes to be realized, I for one will be exited and curious to interact with a movie on the battlefield of Hyrule along side Link, Princess Zelda and Epona. As for the storyboard, If its anything like The Ocarina of Time I say GREEN LIGHT NOW! What are your thoughts and opinions? comment below and follow!


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