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Her Burberry-wearing, Emmy-nominated role as Olivia Pope on Scandal got us talking every Friday at lunch, but this Saturday, Kerry Washington showed off her amazing comedy chops when she graced Studio 8H at Rockerfeller Center to host a solid episode of Saturday Night Live with musical guest, Slim Shady himself.

Cold Open

Set in the Oval Office, we're introduced to Jay Pharoah's Barack Obama discussing about an upcoming dinner. Kerry walks in as Michelle. We're told Oprah is coming soon and Kerry has to go change because Kenan Thompson won't impersonate Winfrey. "The producers of SNL would like to apologize to Kerry Washington for the number of black women she will be playing" rolls as Kerry rushes out. This addresses the race issue. SNL has been criticized for only having had four black female cast members in its entire 38-year run. The last one was biracial (and spectacular) Maya Rudolph, who left in 2007. To be honest, I would like Maya herself to make a cameo as the sassy Beyoncé, but Kerry's doing a pretty good job so far, and Reverend Al Sharpton is the one yelling "Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!" Solid. Bonus fun part: 6 hunky cast members dressed as Matthew McConaughey's to mock SNL's abundance of white males, plus no one's shirt is buttoned all the way up, so the view's certainly nice.


In a spacious but adorable little black dress that hides her baby bump perfectly, Kerry pokes fun at Scandal having a white president, and the cast comes out to seek her character's fixing talents. No baby talk for publicity, and we love seeing Kerry keep her privacy.

The Motivational Speaker

Nasim Pedrad is an upbeat (and cheap) motivational speaker here to talk about success and starts thrusting in every possible way with the music. Her son, played by Mike O'Brien, insists that he's shy. Kerry walks out as her assistant and throws us all off with her Bronx accent and sass. Guuuuurrl, ratchet Kerry is just as fun to watch as the uptight Kerry who steals our hearts every Thursday night with those Prada bags (yes, more than one).

What Does My Girl Say?

Kerry plays a girlfriend who busts her philandering boyfriend (Jay Pharoah) in this brilliant parody of Ylvis' The Fox. Not only is she brave enough to contribute her vocals and dance in a dark forest, but Kate McKinnon's brief appearance as the "ho who looks like a ho-o-o-o-orse" is the only thing that can beat Sarah Jessica Parker's face juxtaposed to an actual horse picture. Not to mention that Pharoah and Washington have undeniable chemistry.

How's He Doing?

In this very brown-and-grey sketch, Kerry, Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson discuss what the Obama Adminstration has become. One thing is sure: still won't vote for Romney. Those three are definitely going to strike comedy gold sometime tonight and Kerry does an excellent job at showing her versatility.

Miss Universe 2013

First thing we should all notice is how killer Taran Killam looks in that tux. The female cast members also shine; Vanessa Bayer as Miss Moldova who tells her children "It's 2AM in Moldova! Go to factory!", Cecily Strong's Miss Spain's rendition of a stereotypical Spanish love song cut off by Kerry's wonderfully confused Miss Uganda, Kate McKinnon being Kate McKinnon, Noël Wells' adorable Miss Switzerland and Aidy Bryant wins in our hearts as the hilarious Miss Greenland.

Weekend Update

After Eminem's off-the-charts performance, Seth and Cecily deliver the top stories. Obamacare, World Series (Red Sox = Mumford and Sons), NSA, Kardashian joke... The Update writers never disappoint. Also, how great are Seth and Cecily? Our lady anchor conducts her first interview of the season: Kate McKinnon showing us her embarrassing Google history. Hint: Shirtless Jason Segel and Nickelback tour are in there. Seth welcomes Kenan's Charles Barkley and Jay's crossed-eye Shaq who likes peanuts and raisins. "You're the world's dumbest millionaire," Kenan yells at Jay.

Cartoon Catchphrase

It still hurts to watch a game-show sketch without Bill Hader as the quirky host. Aidy, however, shines bright like her own fabulous manicure as the first contestant who calls her husband Duane for help, only to find out that Duane cheated on her with a floozy, then went on to sleep with the second contestant's sister, and then went to the third one's friend's store to buy 100 X-Small condoms. Oh, Aidy...

Booker T. Washington High Carnival Festival

Who else to bring out on a night Jay Pharoah dominates, other than Principal Frye? "Attention teachers and stoooodents" this character is to Pharoah what Stefon was to Bill Hader. Kerry surges as a new teacher with a 1940s Long Island accent. Baggy overalls to cover the baby bump, I see you, SNL Costume Department, I see you...

Date or Diss

Typical MTV parody, with Taran Killam as a douchebag Bachelor-like man opposite three girls they found "from a Ross's Shop For Less" with no personality. Cecily's horny #1, Aidy's hungry #2 and Kerry's sassy #3 make this a memorable skit. It's not the best-written one of the evening, but the concept is funny enough to make us laugh for a good minute. MTV parodies still give us hope that not everyone is interested in shallow storylines and famewhores.

Ice Cream

Good Neighbor's Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney obviously shot this short. Beck and Vanessa Bayer are a couple ordering ice cream from Kyle. Beck jokes about ordering so much ice cream that they're going to end up needing an ambulance to carry them out. Hilarity ensues. The beautiful Brooks Wheelan also make his much-anticipated one-second appearance in this episode.

This has been a pretty good season for SNL so far. Tina Fey fared well (although she could've played more of her cards), Miley was such a good sport for making fun of herself like that, Bruce Willis did his best, and Edward Norton was surprisingly excellent during his first time hosting. Kerry's stellar performance adds to that list. Eminem did "Berzerk" and "Survival" and blew our minds with Rick Rubin. This Lou Reed-dedicated episode is worth watching live, DVR'd, and rewatched several times.


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