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So, we all know by now that 'The Winter Soldier' is coming up next year. We all know that it will feature Winter Soldier ( obviously ) and Falcon, along with the lesser known Agent 13. With all these characters lining up for the sequel, it brings one question to my mind...will we see the death of Steve Rogers?

The story arc in the Captain America comics was hugely important and very well received, serving as somewhat of an epilogue story to the Civil War era in the comics. Though many of you may not know it too well, most of you should at least be aware that he DID die for a brief time. Sorta. In the comics, Agent 13 ( Steve's girlfriend ) was brainwashed by the Red Skull ( who had been working on his evil plans in secrecy ) into shooting Steve with a special gun which would separate his conscious mind from his body. His mind would continually go through his life from beginning to end on an endless loop, while others thought he was dead. After this went down, Tony eventually convinced Winter Soldier to team up with Black Widow and become the new Captain America.

With Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Agent 13 all being brought into the series in this next film, along with returning Black Widow and a rumored return of The Red Skull, we have just about all the characters we would need for this plotline. Of course, some would have to be excused to fit it into a normal movie-length, but they could use the basic idea. But how would it go?


Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

In the trailer for the new film saw as Cap and Black Widow watched someone being operated upon in an operating room. Could this have been Bucky after they defeated him and brought him into custody? Cap was able to save his friend, and now they're undoing the programming in his head which is turning him into an assassin? I very much hope so. But if this is the case, then the film could go on just a little longer with Red Skull being revealed to have been behind the conflict the entire time, to the heroes surprise. If the rumors are true, Robert Redford's character would rip of his face ( actually a mask ) and show his true appearance. Then once he's captured, Agent 13 would turn and shoot Steve, just when they thought they'd won the day. The movie would probably end on somewhat of a sad, cliff-hanger like ending, with everyone sad and Cap's body being analyzed by SHIELD or something. Then, to the post-credits scene. The post credits scene could show a captured Winter Soldier being confronted in confinement by Nick Fury and Black Widow. At first he'd think they came to deal with him, but then Fury offers him the identity of Captain America. He would probably do a little speech about how we need the Captain, then Bucky would be reluctant to, but would ultimately be convinced.

Avengers: Age of Ultron:

Obviously Fury would want his new Captain to be a part of the Avengers, and obviously the others would be unsure of this. They're already a pretty chaotic team, and to have this thrown in this mix would definitely spark some great witty conversations. Can you just imagine the sly remarks between Bucky and Tony? God, that could be some great stuff. So yes, the others would most likely be unsure of this, and Bucky would spend most of the movie trying to prove himself and live up to the greatness of his predecessor. By the end, he'd most likely have proved himself to the others ( And by that, I mean Tony ) and would have helped save the day. Marvel also very well could advance a relationship between him and Black Widow like in the comics, which could create an interesting love-triangle of sorts between Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. I truly do hate love triangles, but this one might actually be a bit fun to watch.

Captain America 3:

In the third film, we would obviously need to resolve the conflicts of the movie. I'm going to go ahead and assume that Marvel wants to make a trilogy out of each of their main Avengers ( Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and maybe Hulk ), so we can assume this would be the final Captain America film we would see until the inevitable reboot in 20 years. This could re-introduce Steve, the heroes finding a way to save his mind and bring him back to life. If it followed the comics, Bucky would feel very threatened by his friend's return and would worry that he'd try to take the mantle back. Although, Steve would be very unsure about returning to being the Captain, and would most likely ultimately decide to live a normal and un-heroic modern life with Agent 13, while Bucky and Widow continued battling crime. The enemies in this could be Dr. Faustus, the man who brainwashed Agent 13 and overall was responsible for the Cap's death, or Arnim Zola and his own personal cell-group of AIM. They're both some of the first enemies for Bucky in this story arc ( although he did battle Faustus right before becoming Cap ), but they could easily use entirely different enemies instead. But in the end, the two would be friends again and go on their separate ways, living happy lives by their own definitions of happy.

If you made it all the way through this theory, do you think it could go something like this? Do you think we'll see appearances by Faustus or see Bucky become Cap? Most importantly, do you think Steve will die? Let me know in the comments section below!


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