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Greg E Washington

Season five of The Vampire Diaries has taken fans on a mind-boggling journey. As a fan myself, I was so sure I had everything figured out about the show. I had a clear path for season five built up in my head based on where season four ended, and with all the information that has been revealed since the pilot episode. But nothing this season is going the way I expected.

With the recent reveal about who Nadia really is surely had fans on the edge of their seats. How did she discover who her mother actually was since she was taken from Katerina at birth? Why did she have herself turned into a vampire? And, is she really who she says she is, or is this yet another trick so that she can get close to Katherine?

Let us not forget that Nadia approached Silas pledging her allegiance to him and had a clear "agenda" in mind that she let him read her mind to discover. That plan has yet be revealed to us, so the question of what that is still remains. Could she seriously be trying hard to keep Katherine out of Silas' hands, or does she have another use for Katherine? Could Nadia possibly want to drain Katherine of her blood so that she can be cured of being a vampire so that she can run off with her Traveler boyfriend who is now hold-up in Matt's head?

Silas still wants to die. If he dies, he goes to The Other Side. The only way for him not to end up there is for it to be gone. If The Other Side is destroyed, doesn't that mean that every single supernatural creature that has died in the last 2000 years will suddenly return? Or is there a way to destroy the other side and leave all of the dead supernatural beings stay dead? That would require a lot of mojo, but who better to work it than Silas or Qetsiyah, right?

There is no definite path that fans can follow this season. Usually, it's sort of easy to predict exactly what will happen next, but I know personally that everything I thought I had figured out has been proven to be different. Just what is going to happen next?

Will Stefan get his memories back, or is this the new dynamic for his character? Stelena is a fan favorite, and according to Qetsiyah aka Tessa, they are fated to be together. It is destiny. Nature wants the doppelgangers to be together, so won't that happen at any cost? Delena then, it seems, is doomed. Damon and Elena may be in love, but can they beat fate. "Over the centuries I have watched the doppelgangers find one another," Qetsiyah says to Damon. You can see it in Elena that she still cares for Stefan very much, and Katherine has admitted to still loving him after all these years.

Bonnie is needed to save the day, but what will the cost be to everyone else in using Silas' death to bring her back? A life for a life, but aren't there other rules at play, especially with the plans of both Silas and Tessa still being a secret. Does everyone actually believe Silas wants nothing more than to die to be with his one true love, or could he possibly have another plan in mind, such as making Qetsiyah suffer more for having killed his true love?

So many questions to be answered, and only one answered in every episode, but with ten more coming up in its place.

What do you think TVD fans? What's in store for this season?


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