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Colin Alexander Duerrstein

With the Justice League film on all our minds there has been much discussion on casting and character choices. I have read a lot of very good, well thought out reasons why many of you readers and contributors like Evan Lee (an admirable contributor who I would consider shares and equal passion for comic book superheroes as I do) would pick John Stewart to represent the Corps. With good reason too, many of us grew up with John in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series, and there are many reasons he is a fantastic character.

I'm not sure whether I fall into the majority or the minority when I say I would prefer to see Hal in Justice League. Hal is, and will likely always be my favourite Lantern. His insubordinate attitude has been what caused him to grow both as a character and to become the noted "greatest Green Lantern of all time". I could go on for a very long time about why Hal is my favourite but that's not the point of this article.

One of the biggest reasons I want Hal in Justice League is Batman. Hal and Bruce have one of the most exciting relationships within the JL. While I've always admired Batman's skills I've never found virtue in his character. Hal and Bruce very much dislike each other, fighting side by side out of mutual respect but together in a constant state of conflict. They play off each other, challenging each others' skills. Bruce thinks of Hal as an immature child with no respect for the power he possesses which ultimately leads to a few scenes like this:

Or this:

There is an endless amount of source material that could be pulled from but I think one of the best examples I can come up with as to why the dynamic between Hal and Bruce is so compelling is a conversation between Hal and Oliver Queen in the book A Cry For Justice, which takes place after the events of Final Crisis. Hal quits the Justice League and while visiting Gotham City we see this exchange:

Hal: "I don't like Gotham."

Oliver : "That makes you sane, and?"
H: "Actually, I'm lying."
O: "You do like Gotham?"
H: "No, that wasn't my confession. Truth is, I didn't like Bruce"
O: "I know. We all know. You and him got on worse than me and Carter [Hawkman], and that's saying something."
H: "I respected him, we made peace not long before he died. But I didn't like him.
O: "Er, two-way street, Hal, Bruce didn't like you either. I think it was because you weren't afraid of him."
H: "Neither were you."
O: "Yeah, I was. A little."
H: "Still, now that he's gone, I do miss him."
O: "So do we all, buddy, so do we all."

Now that's said and done. What do you think we could gain from exploring the character dynamic between Batman and the first human Green Lantern? Or would you still prefer to see John, Guy or Kyle fight along side the Justice League?


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