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With a new Batman movie possibly arriving in theaters sometime around 2018, it may be a bit soon to be guessing about plots and villains just yet. But to be honest, there was a few villains I was quite disappointed to have been left out of the last trilogy (though they all had their reasons), so maybe we could see at least an Easter Egg or full out appearance of some of them in the new series?

1) Jason Todd aka. Red Hood

Jason was the second boy to have taken up the mantle of Robin, though he couldn't have been more different from the others. He was reckless and arrogant, and much more comfortable with violence than the other Robins. He was very close with Bruce despite this, until his untimely death at the hands of the Joker, and then his resurrection into the masked psycho The Red Hood. Jason would not be a villain to introduce in the first film, or possibly even the second. First, The Joker would need to be thoroughly established, so that he could be the one to kill off Jason like in the comics. If they stuck even closer to the comics, we would also need The League of Assassins and Tahlia as well, but that may be leaning too close to Christopher Nolan territory. Since the new series will feature and older Bruce Wayne, we can assume Nightwing is already existing in the universe, and so there would be no problem adding in Jason. Perhaps in the first films we could have him as Robin, then maybe he could serve as the villain for the final film, to add even more drama to his character? Imagine getting attached to a main character, only to have him brutally killed off and then return as a completely new and evil character. Yeah, it'd be a trip. He would be a great enemy, and would most likely end up beginning a huge gang war in the city, which could then bring in even more enemies. He would also probably be the most emotional enemy for Batman, as Jason's death as widely known as his greatest mistake.

2) Harvey Dent aka. Two Face

Another emotional enemy for the Batman is none other than Two-Face himself, Harvey Dent. Harvey and Batman became close friends, working in a trio alongside Commissioner Gordon to bring the gangs of Gotham to justice. However, after his face was splashed with acid during a court session, Harvey went insane and grew a second identity: the homicidal gang-lord Two-Face, obsessed with duality and ruling the Gotham Underworld. In the films, like Jason Todd, we should probably have Harvey established in a film before he turns evil. Although The Dark Knight proved this wasn't necessary, I feel it could make him a more sympathetic enemy to the audience. Also, unlike The Dark Knight, he should serve as a primary enemy in the film, not one just thrown in towards the end of the film to ramp up action. I loved The Dark Knight and it's portrayal of Two-Face, but I felt he was too soon disposed of. He was Batman's closest friend turned arch-enemy, that should serve for at least two hours of plot.

3) Edward Nigma aka. The Riddler

Why he has not been included in a Batman film since Batman and Robin still confuses me to this day, along with the reason they felt the need to create that film. Edward Nigma is possibly the most intelligent villain Batman has ever encountered, besides Hugo Strange (more on that later), and has created some of the most complex conflicts for the Batman to solve. He is a genius obsessed with riddles and getting revenge on those he hates, and could be the villain to truly bring out the detective-side of Batman in these films. He wouldn't truly need too much development besides a bit of back-story, so he wouldn't need to take up all the spotlight in a film. He would definitely be a fan-favorite though, if they made him witty and sarcastic as he should be.

4) Hugo Strange

Another one of Batman's most intelligent villains, this guy holds the trophy as being the first to purely deduct Batman's secret identity. He's a rather crazy psychologist, and...that's honestly all I know about him. With as little as I know about him, it's saying something that I hold such a high opinion of him as an enemy. I feel that him and Riddler could be a good villain duo for a film, or Hugo could support his own film as a villain. It could coincide with the themes of Bruce struggling to keep his identity a secret, then suddenly this evil man knows it and Bruce knows he can let it slip whenever he wants. Another of Hugo's achievements is the creation of the monster men, mindless man-eating creatures which he uses to take out victims that he's hired to kill.

5) The Court of Owls

The Court of Owls is one of the few things I honestly enjoyed about the New 52. Now, I know there's people out there who like the new comics, but lets be honest...the old ones were much better. However, The Court of Owls was incredibly impressive to me. With a character like Batman whose villains have been around for centuries, it was nice to see a new and actually interesting opponent for the character. The Court of Owls is a secret society who rules Gotham behind the curtains, and uses an assassin to deal with those who need to be dealt with...oh yeah, and they killed Bruce's parents ( to my knowledge, though I may be wrong at that point ). They could be truly important villain in the films, especially for an aged Batman. To learn that the city he fights for and feels such power in has been controlled by a secret force this whole time, and they have simply let him be but still remained their power, could be shattering to him. They would need their own film, and I feel they should follow close to the comic arc with this one, for it was quite a great story.

6) Bane

Bane is another of Batman's most intelligent villains, but he has the power to back it up. Not only is he a hulk of a person, he has a great tactical mind. He was raised in a South America prison from birth, his mother being sent to prison for his father's crimes. There, he grew up along the inmates, learning to protect himself and growing relationships with some of them. As he became older, he became a legend and a great warrior...and so the prison experimented on him with the drug Venom, which turned him into an even more powerful being. He was pushed to the physical limits, and is the only man at that point to have survived injection with the drug. After he escapes, he takes some of his buddies and heads to Gotham to kill the Bat. He lets loose all the criminals in Arkham Asylum, and once Batman's weakened and tired from this, he breaks into the Batcave and breaks his back. He is a great villain and a great match to Batman, and could easily serve as the villain to a final Batman film. Knightfall was a HUGE story arc, so they have plenty of fiction to work with on this character, and plenty of back up villains to bring into the mix. One of my biggest problems with The Dark Knight Rises was with Bane, because although he had the brains to pull of his plans, he failed to have the power. Because he had no venom. If they have a Bane without Venom, that's like having a Superman without Krypton, it just doesn't seem right. Once Bane's tubes start flowing, his eyes turn green, and his muscles bulge out, then we're talking. He'll need to be a brutal villain who doesn't hold back, letting loose on some pretty evil plans. They could go with him breaking out all the Arkham villains, or go their own route and have a purely-Bane plan. Bane would not be a side villain, he'd need his own film with his own evil story. And he would not be someones lacky, like in Dark Knight Rises, he would be the top dog who has his own lackies. He would need to be purely the opposite of Batman. Knightfall would be a great way to end a series of films, and could even be split into two-parts due to it's huge plot length.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Scarecrow
  • Prometheus
  • Black Mask
  • Harley Quinn
  • Mr. Freeze

Do you think any of these villains will appear in the new films? Let me hear in the comments!


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