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Nosferatu, prince of darkness, creature of the night, blood-sucker, el vampiro, vampire, Edward Cullen…

You may call it as you want but I like to call it the popular phenomena amongst young audiences. I’m a big fan of horror movies, especially of a good vampire flick. While there are a tons of cheap crap vampire movies coming out every year, there is also a wide array of remarkable vampire motion pictures. Titles that are shining despite how old, or low budget they are. The trouble with making a vampire list is that people’s taste vary from action-themed vampire movies to blood spilling, head splattering scary ones. That is why I’d like to state that the following list is only my own personal opinion on the subject, and the goal of my article is not to judge movies, but to point out some exceptional works of art. Because what is motion picture if not a work of art?

10) From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn 1996 Directed by Robert Rodríguez

From Dusk Till Dawn is simply incredible, which is no surprise when Robert Rodriguez directs something right out of Quentin Tarantino’s pen. From Dusk Till Dawn is a great example of a good modern vampire movie. It is filled with half naked women, blood, guts, and a group of badass vampire slayers fighting the blood-suckers in a Mexican strip club. You may wonder why is it only No10. Well, because it is kind of a Mexican-crime-thriller-turned-vampire-horror-movie, as it starts out, and is a getaway thriller featuring two murderers making their way out of America, till around 2/3rd of the movie. Then again, this shocking change is what is so memorable in this film. When I first saw it back in the day, the switch was such a shock and happened so fast, that I didn't know what was going on. I was amazed at this revelation, since there was no word of any horror topics beforehand in the script. It was completely out of the blue, and resulted in a pleasant surprise.

A must watch movie.


9) John Carpenter’s Vampires

Vampires 1998 Directed by John Carpenter

When you hear John Carpenter’s name you probably think about Halloween or Assault on Precinct 13 but there is one great movie connected to his name that you may never heard of. John Carpenter’s Vampires is a not-so-famous western vampire film. It contains everything that a good blood sucker movie should include: Badass characters, Dangerous vampires, crossbows and stakes. While the film has a bit of a weak storyline, the atmosphere, the ambience is amazing. You have this vengeful payback feel to it. Not to mention the Texas desert background what is an unusual setting for a horror vampire movie.

If you want to see vampire asses kicked, this is the perfect choice.


8) Kiss of the Damned

Kiss of the Damned 2013 Directed by Xan Cassavetes

Sex, Murder and Vampires.

Kiss of the Damned is the other side of the coin. Even though it includes minimal gore and action, it can be considered a really good vampire movie. It is an erotic flick filled with fangs, and shows how modern vampires live. The story is about the love of a young writer and a humanitarian vampire. Don’t get me wrong this is not a love-story, as things start to get tense when another vampire shows up, who is not so humanitarian at all. The characters are well-written, the soundtrack really matches the scenes, story is interesting, with some twists. What I really liked about this movie was that even the vampire characters were so human, just like us. They weren’t pictured as monsters out of nightmares rather than normal beings with their everyday problems, families, friends, and jobs.

I recommend this movie for all of you folks out there how want to see a unique vampire movie that introduces the creatures of the night from a completely new point of view.


7) The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys 1987 Directed by Joel Schumacher

The Lost Boys is my all-time favorite movie from the 80s. The story is intense, and astonishing. It’s about love, friendship, and a fight against darkness. The protagonist of the movie is Michael, who moves into new town with his brother, where they get confronted by a group of junkie hooligans. Soon it turns out that they are more than some decadent teens. They are cruel vampires. The strength of The Lost Boys lies in the characters. This vampire movie has the most fascinating individuals amongst their characters. For instance you have Grandpa; the grandfather of the protagonist who they think is just an old senile man, when he turns out to be an experienced vampire hunter. Not to mention Edgar and Allen Frog, two brothers, who see their destiny to destroy Vampires as children. They are the meanest, the baddest, vampire hunters. Alongside Michael the Frog brothers take their part from vampire slaying. What I really like about this particular film, is that it is full of decadence. You can feel it in every character. It is no surprise since it was made in the 80s, but still, this is the only vampire film with this influence. The Lost boys, are really nothing but a group of decadent youngsters rebelling against society in their own ways, in this case sucking-blood!

Despite the fact that it is an old-time movie, every decent vampire fan should sit down sometime and watch this one.


6) 30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night 2007 Directed by David Slade

You might have heard about an outstanding graphic novel from publisher DC comics, called 30 Days of Night. These days when big movie producers run out of money because they spent it all on coke and women, they want to make another big grossing movie, but the problem is that they don’t really have any original ideas, so they just adapt a popular book or a comic book in this case. That is why we have so many terrible book, and comic book adaptations. (Spawn, Daredevil, Fantastic Four etc.) Luckily, this time they made something that isn’t only watchable, but a magnificent, artistic vampire movie. I don’t know if any one of you ever read, or saw the graphic novel, but I did. Man, I must admit, it was the most original comic book I read in a while. The artwork was unique in style, mysterious, shady, and grotesque. Now thanks to David Slade, the movie managed to capture this. The visuals are stunning; every composition of every frame is beautiful. The dark, black night, and the white snow surrounding the village where the story takes place, is in an interesting contrast. However the story is kind of sloppy, basically the audience follows the young sheriff, as he tries to survive the siege of the undead with his ex-girlfriend, and younger brother. Of course, he gets together with his ex-girl again, and he will sacrifice himself for the others. If I need to describe the story with one word, I would say cliché. Cliché everywhere.

Still, it is a very good horror movie, and an even better vampire film.


5) Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 2012 Directed by Timur Bekmambetov

Yet we discuss another successful adaptation. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is the film version of Seth Grahame-Smith’s best-seller running with the same title. This historical vampire flick is simply just awesome. You have this badass main character Abraham Lincoln, who is on a road to avenge his mother’s death, and fight for America, before it falls into the hands of the undead. To bring something new into the vampire hunter role, he is not fighting with a giant stake, a crossbow, or some high caliber guns. No. He got a big-ass axe to chop vampire limbs and head. It’s a really nice touch, as nobody ever thought about that one. Throughout the movie, you can feel a certain deep depression. Some dark clouds hanging over the protagonists head. He fights all the darkness and evil in America alone. Maybe because it is too much to bear for one man. Maybe because we already know that he will be killed. Personally I loved this film. Especially the ending.

It has the kind of ending that leaves you with a pretty good feel and a smiley on your face.


4) Fright Night

Fright Night 2011 Directed by Craig Gillespie

I know that this is a remake, thanks no need to remind me of that in the comment section. Regardless of what you may think I have to tell you, this movie is so superb that it exceeds its precursor the 1985 Fright Night. This film is the prefect vampire movie. Colin Farrell took the role of the evil blood-sucker, and brought life into it. His acting was original and authentic. The vampire pictured in this movie is not noble, or lovesome. It is the monster from jaws. He kills, and feeds off of innocent citizens of Nevada.

The main character Charlie Brewster is an innocent teen living his life, who happens to be the neighbor of the vampire. Soon, the amity between the neighbors turns into hostility, as Jerry the vampire catches and turns Charlie’s girlfriend into a creature of the night. Charlie accompanied by a fake TV magician Peter Vincent sets out to go straight into the nest of the monster, and save his girlfriend. The story closely follows the original, yet somehow this time it works out so much better. I love this movie. I made a habit from watching this time to time, together with my girlfriend. I can’t seem to imagine that I would ever get bored from it. The whole movie just suits me. I recommend this to everyone, whether you’re a vampire fan, or not.

I bet you are going to love this, just as much as I do.


3) Interview with the vampire

Interview with the Vampire 1994 Directed by Neil Jordan

If vampire movies would have a renaissance era, this film would be it. It pictures a cheesy aristocratic vampire as the main her or perhaps anti-hero. The story follows two vampires who are not really friends, but they can’t really separate from each other. Brad Pitt as the protagonist and Tom Cruise as the antagonist. It is one of the most popular vampire movie, as it was made from the World-wide-best-seller book of Anne Rice. The vampires pictured in this flick are closer to the noble lovesome “twilight” ones, rather than the Bram Stoker’s Disgusting creatures. The whole movie looks like a period play from some romantic drama. Personally I didn’t really enjoy this one, but It still deserved the No3 place, due to its popularity and fame. This is maybe the most well know vampire movie after twilight. Still this movie contains everything you wanted to know about vampires, since the story is from the point of view of a vampire. How they live, how they feed, how they avoid getting much attention. The most important thing that the movie shows us is that immortality may not be such a gift, as we witness how everything changes around the main characters, and as everyone dies, passes away, but not him. What I really enjoyed though, was the battle inside Brad Pitt. The battle between his human and his dark dead self.

Taking everything into account, this movie deserves its righteous place on this list, and you should definitely check it out


2) Nosferatu

Nosferatu 1922 Directed by F.W. Murnau

F. W. Murnau's landmark vampire film Nosferatu isn't merely a variation on Bram Stoker's Dracula: it's a direct steal, so much so that Stoker's widow went to court, demanding in vain that the Murnau film must be suppressed and destroyed. The character names have been changed to protect the guilty (in the original German prints, at least), but devotees of Stoker will have little trouble recognizing their Dracula counterparts. After a long and tiresome legal court battle, Stoker’s widow managed to get all the film reels destroyed. By some twist of faith one reel remained untouched containing the full movie, so the story says. Nosferatu is basically a silent film adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula with different character names, and some minor changes in the plot. It is a remarkable work of art. The grandfather of vampire movies. This is where it all started. However great it is, today if you sit down to watch this movie, you probably going to either kill yourself or someone else because of boredom. However back in the day this was the scariest of all.

About scary crazy stuff. Well, an actor named Max Schreck played the vampire, and he was so good at it, that some say he was actually a vampire. Crazy right? I must admit the guy creeps the crap out of me even from photos. They even made a movie about this scary theory titled The Shadow of the Vampire.


1) Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Bram Stoker’s Dracula 1992 Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

If Nosferatu was the Grandfather of Vampire Movies, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is the masterpiece of the Vampire Genre. Featuring a talented cast, made from an all-time-best horror book written by world famous Bram Stoker. There is not much to say, it is the best. The movie shows the story of love, hatred, evil, and a fight for loved ones. Gary Oldman’s acting as Count Dracula is perfect, impeccable. He pictures Dracula as a monster and a suffering once good man in one.

Still my favorite character is Professor Abraham Van Helsing the Dutch professor of hematology who is a desperate vampire hunter if needed. Sir Antony Hopkins was the perfect actor for this role; he pictured Helsing as no one else would.


As a kid, my favorite novel was Dracula; I can’t even remember how many times I read it. So it was no wonder that I fell in love with this movie right away.

This movie might not be the best of Coppola still; I believe that he accomplished something here that is a memorable motion picture, and started a whole genre with his work. I also liked the dark gothic ambience during the scenes in Transylvania. They really creep the audience out.

Maybe it wasn’t the masterpiece of Coppola, but it sure was the masterpiece of the Vampire movies.

(You may wonder that I completely left out Twilight. I didn’t really mention it in either a positive or negative context. It is a much argued topic, with a lot of debate going on whether it was good or not, so I decided to avoid writing about it)

This was my Top 10 Vampire movies list, I hope you liked it. If you have a different opinion on the subject feel free to express yourself, and be sure to leave a comment below;)

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