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Anthony Guiseppe Morelli

I haven't seen many perfect films. I think on that list I would put such movies as Toy Story 3 and The Godfather. Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, however, is a completely unique movie experience that earns the title of "Perfect". There is absolutely nothing wrong with this film.

"Life in space is impossible."

These words (flashed on the screen before the film along with some terrifying facts about space) were in my mind during the entire hour and a half runtime of this film. With the best visuals that I've seen since Avatar, we experience Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock in the best performance of her career) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney, charming as ever) as they brave the terrifying abyss of space to return home to Earth after a mission gone wrong. The visuals are absolutely stunning, realistic, and terrifying, with the 3D effects fully immersing you in space. Every single shot was completely thought through with the upmost respect for credibility. An astronaut hits a space station, they fly in the other direction. Debris blows apart the ISS, billions of pieces of shrapnel fly in every direction as Stone clings on for dear life. This could very well be the closest you will feel to space.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" "What?" "The sunrise."

Not only is the movie an amazing thing to see visually, but it has plenty of emotional depth. Back stories for both of our leads provide us with a deep emotional attachment to them. This allows us to feel for them throughout all of the amazing situations instead of just focusing on the visuals. If anything, the emotional depth immerses us even further into the film. I have nothing but praise for this movie. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had when seeing a film. I have no complaints, and I recommend that everyone see it, in 3D. 10 out of 10 stars.


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