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2015 is without out a doubt going to be a huge year for film. And although other favorites like Independence Day 2, or maybe even Friday the 13th will hit theaters in 2015, the Avengers and Batman and Superman are without a doubt the two movies everyone has their eye on. But here I'm going to evaluate which I think will be the most successful.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The first Avengers movie is probably the greatest Superhero movie of all time (so far), so there is no reason I should think its sequel isn't going to live up to expectations. And with a couple of extra original characters in this one, it will probably be even better than the last. Also they promised more Hulk so that's an automatic plus for me. But even then how will it fair against Batman and Superman?

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman is also set out for release in 2015, and even though we don't know what to expect as of yet, it's still just the thought of having to of the most recognizable DC superheroes in one movie (and maybe Wonder Woman too!) that makes me wish I could time travel to 2015 and live my life from there. And it's because of that very reason, I think Batman and Superman will be the winner in this battle for success. We already seen the Avengers in action so we know what to expect, but as for Batman and Superman we have no idea what we're in for, therefore more people will go see that, just out of curiosity.

But that's just my opinion, which do YOU think will be the winner in this battle for success?


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