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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
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Stephen King's apocalyptic story of a mysterious signal that turns cell phone users around the world into mindless vicious animals is coming to the big screen! Hopefully people will disconnect from their smartphones long enough to go and see this film.

After all the screenplay is by Stephen King himself along with Adam Alleca (Last House on the Left). It will be directed by Tod “Kip” Williams who directed Paranormal Activity 2 and wrote and directed the critically acclaimed 2004 movie, The Door in the Floor.

Producer Richard Saperstein is no stranger to King's work either, having obtained this property while at Dimension films where he also oversaw two other Stephen King adaptations — The Mist, directed by Frank Darabont, and 1408.

It was announced a year ago that John Cusack would play the lead role of graphic artist Clayton Riddel and at the American Film Market this past week it was stated that he will be joined by his former co-star of 1408, Samuel L. Jackson .

Filming is set to begin in January. The book was published in 2006 after a characters' name was auctioned off for charity by Stephen King and the first two chapters were published in Entertainment Weekly. Since then the film adaptation has been in development hell.

Originally Eli Roth was excited to direct the film saying

"I love that book. Such a smart take on the zombie movie. I am so psyched to do it."

Then he decided to drop out of the project in July. 2009 saying

"I’m not really interested in doing the film this way. You guys go ahead and I’m going to make my own films. I’ve also learned that I really am only interested in directing original stories that I write, that’s another thing I learned through that whole process."

Then in November of that year Stephen King announced at a book signing in Maryland that he had finished a screenplay but because of complaints with the ending of the book it was redone for the screenplay.

I liked the story of Clayton Riddel as he and Tom McCourt struggle to make it back to Maine so that Clayton can reunite with his son. The situations they encounter as people talking on their cell phones have their minds completely wiped clean by "The Pulse" and revert to basic animal instincts. Relentlessly attacking and killing each other and those that weren't altered. Until they are finally gathered together with a new Hive like mentality and led by "The Raggedy Man". I'm reminded of this book every time someone walks into me while staring into their "Smart phone" is this just Technophobia or was Stephen King on to something here? I'm sure we'll find out by 2015. Hopefully before the iphone 9 comes out!


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