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Bill Agans

There's been talks lately about the Batman reboot & if Joker's gonna be comin' back to the screen again after The Dark Knight Trilogy. The Dark Knight Trilogy had a lot of realism & depth to it that the other movies never really had before, & that includes a little bit of horror from Scarecrow along with The Joker. What I think they need to do is to make a horror story based off Arkham Asylum with obviously The Joker as the main antagonist. For those of you who haven't played "Batman: Arkham Asylum" (if you haven't, then you need to do so asap!!!), it's based off the graphic novel "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth". In the story, it tells the history of Amadeus Arkham & the house itself. Throughout the book, there's references to Lewis Carroll & his story of Alice In Wonderland, along with geometry & or forms of symbolism. During Amadeus' time running the hospital, he talks about certain creatures like bats & dragons, etc. It basically foreshadows a lot of the inmates from Batman's Rogues Gallery including Batman himself. When Batman finds out the inmates took over Arkham, he was afraid to step inside the doors, because he knew it'd be like coming home. What Batman doesn't realize is the true horrors of the house of Arkham. He nearly becomes paralyzed with fear, because of Joker's sick & twisted game. Joker also tells Batman that the asylum is the real world while the world outside is the true madhouse. You also see the deterioration of several inmates including Two-Face from the poor treatment & the horrifying experiments from the doctors & administration.

The Arkham Asylum game did a great job of showing a lot of those elements, but they weren't as dark & frightening as the book. Now, if there was a director like John Carpenter or Wes Craven who would be willing to take on a true Joker horror story & show how scary Gotham & Arkham really are, then I believe it would make for an awesome crossover story. Tell me what you think below.


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