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If you aren't familiar with who these Young Avengers are I'll give you a quick rundown of the main roster:

Iron Lad - Time traveller Kang the Conquerer rescues his teenage self from bullies and shows him his future. Kang hopes to inspire his younger self and show him what wonderful things his future has in store. Instead Nate, taking Kang's time travelling technology creates his own armor to escape into the past out of fear of who he'll become. He tries to find the Avengers for help, but finds them disbanded after the Scarlet Witch lost her mind and attacked Avengers Mansion. Instead he assembles a new group of Young Avengers.

Patriot - There is some interpretation up for grabs on where Patriot gained his powers. Originally he was explained as the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, the "Black Captain America", who was one of the men that was experimented on after Steve Rogers went MIA in the ice. Patriot claimed that his powers were genetic traits that had been passed to him from his grandfather. Later though he also claimed his powers came from a street drug called Mutant Growth Hormone which causes brief periods of superhuman abilities.

Stature - The daughter of Ant-Man (not Hank Pym, but Scott Lang the second Ant-Man) who was exposed to the same Pym-particles at a young age to repair a heart defect. The Pym-particles react with her during puberty giving her the powers to grown and shrink in size.

Wiccan & Speed - Twin boys that were born from the marriage of the Scarlet Witch and Vision. The Witch wanted to have a normal family and a normal life that she altered reality to create children when her and her husband couldn't have their own.
Eventually (I believe this is still unexplained) the children become teenagers raised in foster care and in puberty their mutant abilities surfaced.
Wiccan's powers include: flight, teleportation, reality alterting (like his mother), and healing.
Speed's powers are similar to his Uncle Quicksilver's.
The brothers don't meet, or even know of each other OR their true origins until the Young Avengers are united.

Hulkling - During the Kree-Skrull war Captain Mar-Vell was captured by the enemy Skrulls and brought to their Emperor. The Emperor's daughter, Anelle, fell for Mar-Vell, and helped him escape before realizing she was pregnant with his child. With his mixed heritage the baby was marked for death but Anelle's nurse ran away to Earth with him and raised him as her own. The nurse and Hulkling both had shape-shifting abilities and hid amongst the humans. His identity is exposed when a Super-Skrull comes with orders to kill him. His adopted mother, nurse and caregiver gives her life to protect him. Now homeless and alone Hulkling finds the Young Avengers. Even though his most common appearance has him a similar look as the original Hulk, Hulkling is a shapeshifter and can take any form. During Marvel's Civil War he impersonates Hank Pym on the Pro-Registration side for weeks under Tony Stark's nose.

One point I want to throw out is that there are dozens of Marvel characters that the average person has never heard of.

My dream would be to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Ant-Man slowly introduce several small characters in minimal capacity so that when we finally get to Phase 3 we've met dozens of characters and we can set it up for CIVIL WAR! I believe that we're already being set up for it with the storylines in The Winter Soldier and in the Agents of SHIELD--we already know SHIELD is closely monitoring super powered individuals.

I think these Young Avengers would be a great addition to a Civil War storyline as individuals SHIELD is monitoring and/or detaining. We wouldn't have to see tons of their background but with the average person not knowing who these kids are they could change things up really easily.

There are tons of characters we need to see, (Ms. Marvel, Wasp, Black Panther, Vision, She-Hulk, Wonderman, Scarlet Witch, and so so so so many more)


What is Marvel's plan after Phase 3? The Young Avengers would be a great spinoff AFTER Phase 3. Once our main cast's contracts are up and I'm assuming most of them will want to jump ship (we know RDJ most likely plans to). If we saw these kids in a Civil War storyline a great follow up would be the Avengers Initiative, training super-powered humans to use their abilities.

One can hope and dream right?

Who do you think MUST make an appearance sooner than later?

If I could figure out how to create a poll on here I would! So just sound off in the comments!


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