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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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Hey readers! I do apologize about the constant Joker articles but I want to keep the spirit of Halloween alive all the way through till Thanksgiving! Till that day comes! I shall be posting articles on Joker, Batman, and ati- heroes even video-games..also posting some gory-horrific fun fan art ;)

Luckily, I got a chance to pay a visit to Arkham Asylum and have a one on one interview with Joker.

(all recorded)

Me: Joker, why are you locked up?

Joker: (he chuckles)

Me: (I nervously start sweating) Ok...that's fine, you don't have to answer that question. Anything new?

Joker: Well darling (he chuckles and looks up at me, staring directly into my eyes) I shanked my cell-mate to death with a rusted spoon. "HEHEahahahHAHAHHA!"

Me: (Nervously/paranoid. I look around the cell)...Where's the body?

Joker: (He pops out a rusted spoon on to the table, it was hidden underneath his armpit. The spoon lands next to my journal, he then walks to a corner of the cell, sits down and smiles) Oh, the guards took him away (laughs.) (he pouts for a second then smiles) It took them long enough! His corpse was letting out such a funk! Peeeeee-uuuu! Hell, even the rats couldn't stand the stench. HAHAHA! Rats! I CRACK MYSELF UP!

Guard: Time is up kid.

Me: Wait!..Joker!

Joker: (he stares at the wall) Yes sweeeeeetheart?

Me: How do you feel about the Batman reboot? And who do you think should play him?

Joker: (Joker slowly looks up at me, with a very large grin and replies 0:08)



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