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Have all of you been keeping up to date with MARVEL's Agents of SHIELD TV show? If not, you should because it's great!

The show takes place right after The Avengers, and Phil Coulson is alive somehow. This presents a mystery that everyone wants to solve. This includes both characters on the show and the viewers at home.

This article is not going to solve that mystery. I am simply going to present a few options for what I think could be possible. I might be right, or I might be completely wrong. Only time will tell.

Now every time a character on the show asks Couslon what happened to him in Tahiti, he tells them simply that "Its a magical place". This of course leads us to two possible characters that could be responsible for keeping Coulson alive. Both characters are set to appear in future Marvel films, and both present equally strong possibilities for explaining how Coulson lived.

1- Doctor Strange

2- Scarlet Witch

Now when it comes to magical powers, in the comic books Doctor Strange definitely has more control of his powers. He is the Sorcerer Supreme, the ultimate magical being of our known universe. However, the Scarlet Witch on the other hand loses control of her powers all the time. While Doc Stranges powers are derived from spells and incantations, Scarlet Witchs powers come from something known as Chaos Magic. Chaos Magic is exactly what it sounds like. Hard to control if you're good, easy to use if you're evil.

If Strange were responsible for Coulson living, all would be well and good. But this is Joss Whedons universe were watching folks. I believe that it can't be simple. In my personal opinion, Scarlet Witch saved Coulson using Chaos magic.

Of course this is going to lead to more problems down the road, and could have effected Coulson is ways that alter him to a certain extent. Whether or not that gives him super powers I do not know.


Coulson dying has sent him to Lady Death, the Mad Titan Thanos' long time lover. Thanos makes a deal with Lady Death to send Coulson back to Earth as his spy. He completely takes over Coulson and is carrying out his actions through him from inside of SHIELD. He sees Coulson as a puppet and Thanos is the Puppeteer. Thanos uses Coulson and his memories to set in motion events that end up with Thanos destroying earth.

What do you guys think? I know there are other theories out there, but I wanted to try and hit the ones that were most likely to be true...Plus a random curveball theory I came up with on the spot.


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