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A film-adaptation of the Kane and Lynch video game series has been on the table for a few years now, most notably back in 2010, when Simon Crane was on board to direct Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx in the lead roles. Since then, delays and complications have led to the possible movie seemingly falling apart. Well, fear not, for there appears to be life in the old dog still.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Gerard Butler is currently in talks to play Kane, whilst Vin Diesel has reportedly already been offered for the role of Lynch. The film also has a director, with Law Abiding Citizen‘s F. Gary Gray on board to director.

The plot reads:

Kane (Butler) is a mercenary. Lynch (Diesel) is a schizophrenic with no past. They meet while being transported to Death Row. When they are attacked and kidnapped by Kane’s former team, the ill-matched duo is forced to retrieve a stolen microchip that may hold the key to Lynch’s true identity.

Expect more on this as it develops.


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