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i always was the biggest horror movie fan at my school and now i'm part of a community of similar people who share common interests
Jordan Christensen

When you watch the paranormal activity movies you can obviously tell that after the first movie it has gotten worse and worse. The whole concept that it was a true story was a terrible plot to begin with. When you watch the full first movie you see that at the end there is a disclaimer saying that it is not really a true story. I liked the first movie, but only to a point.

When I saw the second one and they still said it was based on real "found footage", I was lost. No way would an whole other family film themselves being haunted the same way that Katie did. The plot barely held itself together and poked large holes in itself. What I find totally unbelievable is that the family can constantly forget that they are being haunted by a demon, they just get scared for a day and then move on to blissful ignorance until the next incident.

When I saw the commercials for a third paranormal activity that featured katie and her sister as kid's and still based itself on "found footage", I actually said to myself "What the hell, who do they think they are fooling?" Even though I was skeptical, I still watched the movie and it was the same thing as the other two. Again I thought "Why am I paying to see the same movie three times?" Throughout the movie I kept wondering if the director was trying to to do this or if he was himself stuck in blissful ignorance. Needless to say the ending to the movie made me super confused because there is a cult of old ladies which contains Katie's grandma who kills the mom and her boyfriend through her witchcraft.

My friend convinced me to go see the fourth Paranormal Activity, I decided I should stop being so cynical and just go see it with an open mind. I went to the movie and much to my surprise it was even worse than the first three. It's not even Katie and her family suffering anymore but her new neighbors who adopted her sister's son from the second movie. My question is why did she put the kid up for adoption in the first place when she would go through all the trouble to get him back. And who allowed her to adopt a child when she is possessed by a demon? I mean don't adoption agencies do background checks and find out that she killed a whole family and her boyfriend? The movie again is still functioning on self shot footage but now it's on their webcams and X-Box kinetic. The end of the film was the only bright side to the movie because it actually kinda creeped me out when Katie slams through the door and a huge mass of women appear out of nowhere.

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