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I did promise that in accordance with the brilliant character posters that VAOfficialMovie are releasing on twitter, that I would do a post for each one, giving you a little more info on each character and introducing you to the world of Vampire Academy. Been a little busy as of late, (if 'a little busy' means super busy lol) but I'm back and ready to soldier on!

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr Pyromaniac himself, Christian Ozera!

The eighteen year old, fire-wielding Moroi (good kind of Vampire, born not created) is somewhat of an outcast at St Vladimir's Academy (the infamous Vampire boarding school) due to a whole heap of scandal surrounding his now deceased parents who willingly turned Strigoi. (Evil, bad Vampires, who you really don't want to mess with!) Despite the whole school thinking he's a little creepy (regardless of that jet black hair, and those icy blue eyes that no sane person could resist) and at risk of turning Strigoi like his parents, he has shown that he's more than the brooding Vampire that meets the eye. He has a passion for doing the right thing, is brave, sardonic and sarcastic, and will stand up and fight for those he loves. Spending all of his time in the attic of the church at St Vlad's (most likely dressed in his favourite colour - i.e black), he's a little thrown off when pretty princess, Lissa, invades his space, but how will deal with her plan to restore best-friend Rose' reputation, by any means necessary?

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Vampire Academy hits theatres February 2014!


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