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A while back I did a pitch for a Batman reboot with Sam Witwer as a young Batman similar to Arkham Origins and people told me that my idea would make a great TV show so I thought I'd make a pitch for a few episodes then fancast a bunch of characters. To see my idea for the first episode, check out my article about it on my profile. How I plan this series to be is similar to BBC's Sherlock where the episodes are all two hours long.

Episode 2: The Puzzle of Puzzles

The detective named Harvey Bullock has come to despise what Batman does and has become obsessed with putting the Batman in Arkham Asylum. Commissioner Gordon is much more reluctant to catch Batman because he thinks Batman is trying to do something good. After a meeting, Bullock leaves the police station to go home but is captured by two thugs in an alley way. Gordon goes to his car and finds a puzzle box upon the hood which he takes to forensics by putting on gloves first. The puzzle box only shows finger prints of only one person: Harvey Bullock but there are also droplets of blood on the side which also match Bullock. Gordon starts to suspect that Bullock has been captured but he doesn't have enough evidence so he asks about the manufacturer of the puzzle box but to no avail for the puzzle box is custom made. Gordon spends three hours trying to open the box but not one panel on the box budged a centimeter. In frustration, Gordon goes to the rooftop of the police station to calm down and try to figure out how to open it. As a last thought, he thought of Batman for the knew from the Tommy Elliot case that Batman was a detective so he tried to think of a way to contact him. Gordon sees a bat decoration from Halloween upon the ground and he got an idea; he runs downstairs then brings the bat up to the roof then places it upon the spotlight then activates the spot light sending a bat shape into the cloudy sky. During all this, Bruce is training in the Batcave with a staff when Alfred comes down in an elevator and tells him about the bat shape in the sky coming from the police headquarters. Bruce walks over to the metal case, opens it then puts on the Batman suit and arsenal before riding out of the Batcave on the Batcycle which is a modified Dodge Tomahawk.

Batman rides through Gotham then appears on the rooftop and asks what Gordon wants while readying three smoke pellets behind his back. Gordon explains the situation then Batman agrees to look at the puzzle box. Batman observes the puzzle box and after ten minutes he figures out how to open it. Once he opens it a transmission is picked up and a man's voice comes out of the puzzle box,
"So the so called Batman solved my puzzle box, I'd be clapping if the puzzle box couldn't be figured out by a child. That shows the brain of the commissioner of police."
"What do you want?" Asks Batman,
"Simple. Solve my taxing puzzles and I won't kill the hostages. Ready? Good. Riddle me this. Round and round I go until there is no where else to go...what am I?" The transmission cuts off. The rest of the episode shows Batman solving twenty riddles and learning more and more about the kidnapper known as the Riddler. Batman finally finds the Riddler who is still holding Bullock and five others in a cage with explosives and explains that all he wants is to prove that he is better than Batman but Batman uses a riddle against him,
"Riddle me this...I am what the Riddler will have if he beats Batman, what am I?" This causes the man wearing a green tuxedo with bowler hat to freak out asking dozens of questions before Batman throws a batarang at Riddler's hand making him drop it. "The answer is..nothing." Batman knocks out Riddler, saves Bullock and the others, and establishes a secret alliance with Gordon and the episodes ends with Edward Nigma being put in Arkham Asylum.


We already know about Sam Witwer being my choice for Batman. But what I will explain really quick is that I want his suit to be the Batman Noel suit (shown in pictures above) which means short eared Batman. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing that again.

Commissioner James Gordon - Jeff Bridges

Do I really need to explain? It's the DUDE playing Gordon how awesome would that be?

Edward Nigma/The Riddler - Matt Smith

Matt Smith has proven to be a great hero actor as the Doctor but in the episode of Doctor Who Nightmare In Silver he's shown that as a villain he can be quite threatening so I'd love to see him as the Riddler.

Harvey Bullock - Nathan Fillion

Again I don't really need to explain that one. Great actor and it would be interesting to see him as the jerk character.

Alfred Pennyworth - John Hurt

I already explained why I chose him in my reboot pitch article.

Episode 3: Cold Blood

Its Autumn in Gotham City and a series of heists have been taking place in Gotham City that have left the locations in question covered in ice. The fourth place to be robbed, the Gotham City Central Bank, received a visit soon afterwards by the Batman who used his forensic tool to help him how these places became frozen. He takes a sample of ice and freed the frozen hostages to question them. The hostages say that the ice that covered couldn't allow them to see the ones who robbed the bank. Batman notices that the event the cameras were all frozen solid and so he returns the Batcave via the Batcycle. In the Batcave, Batman analyzes the ice fragment and learns that it was created with a controlled beam which Batman had theorized in the bank. Batman has the computer run a search on all experts in cryogenics in Gotham City. Alfred comes down to the Batcave and chats with Bruce, "Trying to get snow early this year, Master Bruce? It is only early October." Bruce smirks once as he puts his cowl down like a hood,

"Very funny, Alfred. This is a fragment of ice from a robbery. Four robberies in Gotham in the last two weeks; all of the locations where the robberies take place end up frozen." Alfred observes the evidence,
"Should we put Jack Frost as a prime suspect, sir?"

Bruce just smirked again,
"I don't chase fairy tales, Alfred." Alfred picks up the sample and observes it in the light,
"So says the young man who battled a six hundred year old madman." Just as Alfred finishes, the computer beeps showing a list of seven people: three females, four males. Bruce puts the cowl back on his head then readies the comlink device under it.
"I'll keep in contact. Tell me if any of them have any criminal backgrounds." Batman rides off on the Batcycle through the waterfall then towards Gotham. Alfred contacts him upon the comlink,
"Master Bruce, Dr. Eric Hoffman; spent years in Blackgate after embezzeling money from the company he worked for: Octagon Industries." Batman entered Amusement Mile and rode through,
"Octagon was the first location to be frozen. We got motive, how long has he been released?" Alfred checks,

"It says he was released back in March."

"Do we have anything on his current living situation?"
"Apartment 45, Jones Street in Park Row."
"On my way!" Batman goes to investigate but it turns out that Hoffman is now a middle class man working at a factory. So Batman investigates all seven suspects but to no avail for they were all innocent scientists doing great work in their fields. The next night, Bruce Wayne attends a fundraiser at Wayne Tech and has an interview with famous reporter Summer Gleason when there was an attack and a beam was fired at all the people thus freezing them including Bruce. He could not see or hear anything so he used heavy breathing to melt a small fraction of the ice so he could speak quietly, "Alfred. The attacker is in Wayne Tech, send the Batcycle and quick." At Wayne Manor, Alfred quick gets to the Batcomputer and locks onto Bruce's coordinates via a tracker he keeps on him at all times making the Batcycle ride off. In minutes riding at 350 mph, the Batcycle crashes into the man with the freezing gun then into Bruce sending him through the wall into the alley way. Bruce shivering, quickly took off his tuxedo revealing his Batman suit. Meanwhile inside, the bald bright blue skinned man wearing a cybernetic suit with a glass visor over his face and red goggles spoke with a robotic distortion,

"Forget finding the one that got away, we'll be having a visitor soon." The men with firearms at the man's sides began to to look around nervously. From the ventilation shafts, Batman dropped and took down a thug who was on his own catching the others' attention,
"So the Dark Knight Detective has come to stop me? Minor inconvenience for me." The man froze the ground where he heard Batman via a weapon that was similar to a rifle thus freezing Batman's boots to the ground. The thugs tried to surround him but Batman has already escaped using the spikes upon his forearm and has planted a smoke pellet where he was. Hiding in the corner of the room, Batman presses a button upon his belt making the pellet explode filling the small area with smoke allowing Batman to quickly take down all six thugs. Just as Batman finishes off the last thug, the man in the armor walks up then with one hand picked up Batman by the neck,
"You will not stop me from getting my Nora!" He then kicks Batman against the wall then freezes him. At the Batcave, Alfred is watching the events happen via a tiny camera in the cowl so he quickly took one picture of the armored man while he was turning away.
"Do not try to stop me Batman, it will be useless." Batman uses all his strength to break out of the ice but the armored man had already disappeared into Gotham. Batman returned to the Batcave shivering as he walks over to the Batcomputer.
"R-Run a search for records on a woman named Nora with any relation to a cryogenics scientist." Alfred pointed to the screen,
"Already done, Master Bruce." Bruce observed the record of a beautiful blonde woman on the screen,
"Nora Fries, infected with a fatal disease was put into cryogenic sleep by her own husband, Victor Fries. With her husband dead she now remains in suspended animation." Alfred quickly changed the screen to another profile on the husband Victor Fries.
"Victor Fries died in an accident at Daggett Industries when trying to keep his wife contained. Now that Victor is dead, his wife remains frozen at Daggett Industries until " Batman glared when reading the profile, "Looks like he has a target. Something doesn't seem right, if it was an accident then he's blowing this out of proportions." Batman sits in the chair and drinks a hot cocoa which Alfred had prepared,

"Why does he wear the suit, Master Bruce?" Batman ponders that question then saw the sample of ice then it came to mind,
"Cold...he can't survive out of sub-zero temperatures. His firearm and suit both flow with a blue fluid, it creates a quickly freezing water that is hard to melt which explains why he has the helmet. The formula turns to vapor so he can breathe it. Then he definitely knows what he is doing...I don't think what happened to him was an accident." Batman finishes the cocoa then hacks into Daggett Industries database using the Batcomputer then finds a hidden file which holds security footage of Victor Fries about to cure his wife until John Daggett came in and tried to have Nora's containment unit shut down but Victor fought back which lead to Daggett pushing Victor into a container of the formula then the camera cuts off. Batman glares then sees that there is going to be a party at Daggett Industries tonight. Batman deduces,
"Fries is going to attack Daggett and get his wife tonight. I have to stop him." Batman gets up then walks over to the Batcycle, "Is the new vehicle finished?" Alfred walked over with him,
"Yes, sir."
"Then get it ready to pick me up."
Later at the Daggett Party, there is a blast and Fries walks up to punch Daggett into a table,
"Remember me, Daggett?" Daggett trembled in fear,
"No...Victor is dead. You killed him. You may call me Mr. Freeze." Freeze aims his weapon at Daggett, "You will learn that revenge is a dish best served...cold." BAtman runs in and readies smoke pellets behind his back,
"Victor, stop! I know everything!" Freeze glanced at Batman,
"Then you should understand why Daggett must die. He destroyed my life, left me without the ability to touch human warmth again, left me...with a heart of ice." BAtman spoke to Freeze,
"I understand your want of revenge but Daggett will go to prison. I sent footage of what he did to you to Commissioner Gordon." Daggett looked at Batman with a scowl,
"You son of a bitch! You'll ruin me!" Freeze still aiming his weapon at Daggett, paused and pondered until he spoke in anger,
"No...he deserves to die for what he did to me." Just before Freeze could fire his weapon, Batman threw five smoke pellets across the room filling the room with smoke allowing him to pull Daggett to safety.
"NO!" Freeze yelled as he looked around. When the smoke clears up, Freeze notices that Daggett is gone and Batman is five feet from his side. Batman takes this chance to observe all of Freeze's suit when he notices the container of formula on his weapon. "You took my one chance for revenge from" Freeze fires at Batman but Batman rolls to the side thus dodging the beam allowing the wall sized window to break. Batman hears Alfred speak,

"Master Bruce, its on its way."
"Right on time." Batman fires his batclaw which hooks into Fries' leg allowing him to pull thus sending Freeze to the ground. Batman ran towards the window which was forty stories high at about three hundred fifty feet, Freeze stood up and pursued the Batman firing at him but missing. Batman leaps from the window and lands quickly on a black bat themed jet, climbs into the cockpit then quickly maneuvers the Batwing around to face the window where Freeze roars in anger then fires at the Batwing. The freeze beam does no damage so Batman fires a few rounds directly at the firearm causing the formula to drain from it. Leaping out of the Batwing, Batman soars down to Freeze and tackles to to the ground before using his arm spikes to break the glass visor.
"You're finished, Freeze. I will guarantee Nora's safety." Batman enters the Batwing then flies back to the Batcave as Gordon and his mean arrests the weak Mr. Freeze and Daggett. The episode ends with Bruce Wayne wrapped in a blanket sitting in front of the fireplace in a chair listening to the radio with Summer Gleason speaking,
"The Frozen Robber was apprehended last night by the vigilante known as the Batman, the once great scientist Victor Fries sought revenge against one John Daggett. Both were put away today with Daggett in Blackgate and Fries in a specially made cell in Arkham Asylum. All of this caught the attention of CEO of Wayne Tech, Bruce Wayne has agreed to put Nora Fries' containment unit in Wayne Tech while scientists try to find a cure to her disease. This is Summer Gleason broadcasting on WBGC Radio signing off. Have a good night Gotham." Bruce smiles then sips his hot cocoa before looking out the window and seeing snow falling from the sky.

Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze - Eric Bana

A big part of this casting is because of his performance in Star Trek, he can play a vengeful outcast well and I think he'd be perfect.
John Daggett - Bill Pullman
Great actor and thats really all I got for reasons.
Nora Fries - Lena Headey

Seems like the perfect match up to me.

The way how I pictures this series is kind of the opposite of Batman the Animated Series where as the episodes usually focused more on the villains where this focuses more on Batman being a detective and the way he fights. Sure there would be some focus on villains like in Cold Blood.
What are your guys' thoughts on this series, do you want CW or AMC to put this into affect or would you rather see Beware the Batman? Also which of these episodes I made do you like better?


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