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Andrew Pollard

It’s been rumoured for a while now, but now Variety is confirming that a sequel to The Purge is being developed. Writer/director James DeMonaco has signed on again, and he’s apparently already working on the project. Blumhouse’s James Blum, Sebastien Lemercier, and Platinum Dunes will handle production duty, with the film to be released through Universal and Blumhouse.

The premise of the first film was certainly a unique one – once a year, crime is allowed and society is essentially ‘purged’ (geddit?) – and it took a nice chunk of profit, bringing home $87 million globally from a budget of a mere $3 million. Small budget, far bigger return… that’s a sure-fire way to set those sequel alarms ringing.

Personally, I was massively looking forward to The Purge and its relatively unique idea. Whilst the film didn’t live up to what I was expecting, it wasn’t terrible, and, as mentioned, the impressive returns it took meant a sequel was always likely.

Expect more on this as it becomes available, although shooting is expected to begin before 2013 is out.


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