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"Who could play Robin?" That seems to be the question on a lot of people's minds, especially mine. There are a lot of actors out there that have the talent to play Robin, but let's narrow it down to a certain few.

Let's start with Dick Grayson.

Josh Hutcherson:This man is a very talented actor for someone his age. He is my main choice for Dick Grayson because he could bring something new to the character of Robin. Unlike the previous person to play Robin in a live action movie (Chris O'Donnell), Hutcherson is younger and more of an aggressive actor. He could be the best live action Dick Grayson to be had for quite some time.

Now on to Jason Todd (Red Hood).

Jensen Ackles: The man has already voiced Red Hood in Batman: Under The Red Hood, but he is also a great actor, as seen on Supernatural. I would love to see him as the first on-screen Red Hood and I know I cant be the only one.

How about Tim Drake?

Logan Lerman: He is a great actor in every movie he has been in, but his shining performance has to be Perks Of Being A Wallflower. It really made me believe that he can hang with some top rated actors. I would love to see him as Tim Drake because I feel he would be able to have the aggression, along with the arrogance of the third Robin. Being the first on-screen Tim Drake would also do a lot for his career.

What about the first female Robin and eventual Batgirl, Stephanie Brown?

Emma Roberts: She is such an attractive actress, but also a very talented one. She has the look for it and the talent for it. She has the rebellious attitude (as seen in We're The Millers) and she also has the ability to have great on-screen chemistry with everyone she works with.

Let's try Carrie Kelly.

Emma Watson: Another stunning actress and talented one as well. I would love to see her as Carrie Kelly because she is one of the most talented actresses in a very long time. Having her as Carrie Kelly would elevate the character's popularity. She has the ability to make any movie she's in a great one (except for the Bling Ring). She is an easy choice for the role.

How about the Son Of Batman, Damian wayne?

Asa Butterfield: A great young actor who recently starred in Enders Game. I would love to see him as Damian Wayne because he is a great physical match, but he also has the ability to be a fantastic Damian Wayne.

Well, those are my choices. Comment who you would like to see as any of these Robins.


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