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I've been a Netflix subscriber for a few years now. Starting with the free trial, used the $16 plan for a bit but decided we didn't order DVD's enough so downgraded to the $8 streaming plan. Still, plenty of stuff. One of my favorite things is when I select a movie and it gives me recommendations at the bottom of the screen. I've watched a lot of old crappy movies, new crappy movies, and a lot of foreign horror movies.

Some of my favorites are Asian horror. Not because I'm Asian, I don't identify with the cultures at all (I'm a crossbreed of two nations) and frankly the food treats my stomach badly. No, I truly enjoy Asian horror cinema because the cultures are so rooted in superstition and that finds its way into their horror. Just look at the horror movies that came from 2000 on, a lot of them like The Ring, The Eye, The Grudge, and Shutter to name a few. All of them remakes of Asian movies. It's pretty cool to catch them in their original forms. Atmospheric, dark, some truly creepy, and some actually scary. There's a lot of sequels and spin offs as well that are definitely worth a watch.

There's also some original takes on well worn genres. Most recently I got to watch a movie on Netflix called The Guardpost. It's original title is GP 506, it plays out like the John Travolta, Samuel Jackson movie Basic with all the flashbacks that turn out to be lies and then the truth comes at the end. It got some pretty rank reviews, most said it was confusing. Not a lot of flesh eating ghouls, really I only remember seeing two or three in the actual movie. I thought it was a pretty good take on the whole zombie genre and found it was more of a focus on the selflessness of some and the selfishness of others. Just an example of some gems you can find on there if you dig.

Just as long as you can handle subtitles.

If you have some titles that you've enjoyed PLEASE list them in the comments below!


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