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Casting the Justice League is tricky and it’s the same reason we see so many prospective casting posts, but I think there is something that is key to battling Marvel in the Box Office. DC needs to Diversify its Heroes. The Avengers had exactly 6 heroes, all but one were 30s-40s white guys. So I would propose to Warner Brothers to really struggle to diversify their cast, and here’s who I would choose.

The first film should be 5 of the League, in order to keep the number down and really get to know the original, most popular 5.

Batman - We know it will be Ben Affleck, and for consistency's sake he should be kept in the role.

Superman - Henry Cavill’s Superman was perfectly cast to me, onto the next.

The Flash - Not gigantic, not super muscular, just super fast, and super witty. My pick is Neil Patrick Harris, who would bring great comedic timing and a lot of playfulness to a team that needs it.

Wonder Woman - Diana is the love interest, to not just Superman but also Batman. She should be exotic, independent and strong and my pick would be Katrina Law.

Green Lantern - I think we could stay with the Green Lantern we got and use it as cannon if we played it as John Stewart, emerging as the new Green Lantern in lieu of Hal Jordan retiring. If we did so, Idris Elba would be a fantastic John Stewart, and one audiences would rally behind in a sequel taking on Sinestro.

The second film and DC’s phase 2 can bring in more heroes and really add a full, diverse dynamic to the League as protectors to the entire world.

Martian Manhunter - An otherworldly being who’s suffered a tragedy on his home planet and comes to earth to ensure it does not happen to another planet other again. To bring the tragedy and the otherworldly to the table in a way that is relatable i would pick Djimon Hounsou.

Cyborg - Cyborg is the little boy of the Justice League, likely the youngest member. The college age, cocky/confident ex-football player I think Dayo Okeniyi could play him well.

Green Arrow - Capitalize on your TV Series. Keep Stephen Amell and bring him in as the well train mortal who earns his spot on the team.

Aquaman - Finally Aquaman is from Atlantis, so I am going to jump in and say that, in the “realistic DC Cinematic Universe,” Atlanteans would likely be a mixed race. Kingly, privileged Aquaman would be played well by Jesse Williams.

If I were casting Aquaman traditionally though, my pick would be for Charlie Hunnam.

This brings the grand total to 9 members, which is more than enough for a franchise if we hope to dig deep and get to know them.

If you agree or disagree let me know! Is diversity the way to go?
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