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In my opinion, Vin is a very underrated actor who has great potential to be an awesome presence of the old school actors before his time. Sure he’s made some movies some of us want to forget (Pacifier and Riddick ring a bell) but in spite of that, he’s brought audiences to a different kind of action hero than we’re use to. That deep voice of his and humor that has made even Arnold look like a chump. He really is one of the best of our generation.

Let’s face it; Diesel is the face of the The Fast & The Furious films. The character of Dominic Torreto is a man of principle even though at one point he was a thief and still is a hell of a driver. The character has evolved from a fast driving thief to a powerful force as a leader of the oddest group of drivers around and it works. A man of loyalty and honor like the Samurai and Diesel can really reel you into that character. It’s meant for him, from Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow to Sean Connery as James Bond when you think Vin Diesel you automatically go to Dominic Torreto.

To really amp up his action status, I’d like to see him in at least 2 Marvel films. It’s rumored he’ll be in Guardians Of The Galaxy but that remains to be seen but would be an awesome addition even if the role is not major he can still bring a presence to the Comic Film giant. Marvel has produced many careers that jumped through the roof; it was the same company that gave RDJ his career back and having Samuel L. Jackson a legend in the movie industry as one of the best characters of the Marvel Universe. You have to admit, the company has been in high regard for great legendary and up-coming actors to fill in roles that will pretty much guarantee them immortality. Vin Diesel would be a hell of an addition to the Marvel Universe, if he doesn't that’s ok he’s still got great stuff in his resume.

One of my least favorite roles of his is being Riddick. After seeing the third film, it just dragged itself along and the first 2 were not that great and barely pass a 1 star in my book. He did what he could with the character but it doesn’t work anymore. Hopefully this was the last film of that character, the only reason I liked Riddick was because of Katee Sackoff and her hard nose no BS character that went from lesbo to falling for a warrior like Riddick that was actually impressive. Vin, it’s time to put up the goggles and suit. All in all he’s an awesome actor and would watch just about anything he’s in and really hope they bring him back for another XXX movie, the first one was bad ass and one of the best action movies I’ve seen and would compare it to Commando & Rambo as a top notch action flick.


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