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Joshua Workman

In the Amazing Spider-man 2 we know that we will at least see Electro and Rhino and a possibility of Green Goblin and Vulture. We know that at some point we will see the sinister six and we also have heard rumors of Spidey teaming up in this series. But what other villains might we see in this series? Here is my list of villains I believe we will see in the series.

1: Dr. Octopus

Otto Octavious. He's been in the Sinister Six since it was formed back in the day. We've seen him in Spider-man 2 played by Alfred Molina who did a phenomenal job. But I believe we will see the ol' Dr back on the big screen again.

2: Kraven The Hunter

We still haven't seen Kraven on the big screen but I'm assuming we will. Kraven is a big game hunter, and in the ASM universe New york has the biggest game around with giant Lizards and spiders this would be a great hunt for a hunter of Kravens skill.

3: The Jackal

Miles Warren, another brilliant scientist gone bad. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the jackall on screen. Who knows maybe he's the man we saw at the post credits scen of The Amazing Spider-man.

4: Venom

It's been rumored we would see our long tongued, spleen/brain eating symbiote on the big screen again. We've seen him in Spider-man 3 played by Topher Grace, but was that the venom we want to see?

5: Sandman

Sandman was also seen in Spider-man 3 and was a pretty good portrayal as well. But I also believe we may see him in this new series as an experiment gone wrong from Oscorp.

6: Morbius

The living vampire. It would make sense to see morbius as a cross species from oscorp . Plus the vampire thing is pretty big in hollywood now.

What do you guys think? Any other villains you think we will see in the series?


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