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Say hello to Christina Tenisha, Moviepilot's vampire specialist and all-star contributor!

Tell us who you are and what brought you to contributing at Moviepilot?

Well, first of all I'm a Gemini, so by definition, I have two sides to who I am. The quiet, shy girl, who gets nervous in front of people and if she can, will avoid all human interaction. Then there's the loud, opinionated, movie-obsessed, book-worm who's quite happy to talk for centuries until someone stops her!

Film has always been something I love, even more so now that I'm studying it! And when I found out that my fav book series of all time (shout out to Vampire Academy lol) was becoming a movie, I had been disappointed to see that the internet in general didn't have much, if any, info on it. From there, writing about it seemed like the natural thing to do and so I came to Moviepilot with Vampires on the brain and a whole heap of info to get out there! (Trust me, I have A LOT more too!)

Tell us about your favorite movies and genres. Do you have an all time favorite?

I love action movies and will literally watch a bunch of them back-to-back. I do love small budget British films because there's something about them that's so real and relatable. Probably because I'm British lol. I also have a soft spot for all things Supernatural. Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, you name it, I love it! In the last couple of years I have taken quite a liking, and by liking I mean obsession, to comics and superhero films. I'm even working on building up my collection of comics. I'm also ridiculously in love with period dramas and historical films. (They're just so beautiful! *sobs*) I watch them all the time and just think they're amazing! Life was so much more interesting in historical times, it's nice to escape to the past so to speak for a while.

All time favourite... Ohh this is hard... you guys aren't making this easy are ya? haha I think Salt with Angelina Jolie is a brilliant movie and I watch it whenever I can, but in general it's more like "Christina, what's your favourite movie of this year?" as opposed to all time haha. In which case the answer is a toss up between Pacific Rim (seriously that film was the freakin' sugar! Keeping it clean and trying not to swear here lol) and Thor 2.

If you could interview anybody in the world for Moviepilot, who would it be?

Anybody in the world!? The whole wide world, and I only get to interview one!? HAHA I'm gonna go ahead and give you a list instead. Tim Burton first and foremost because I love everything and anything he does. His work can not be faulted! Joss Whedon, Helena Bonham-Carter, Johnny Depp, Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Danila Kozlovsky (Very talented, very hot Russian actor for those of you who live under a rock lol he'll be in his first American Film next year...Vampire Academy, anyone?) , Jennifer Lawrence (LOVE her!) and Zoey name a few ;)

Which movies are you most excited to see in 2014 and why?

VAMPIRE ACADEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I apologise, I don't think I screamed that loud enough. lol. In all honesty though there's loads. Most of the YA books to movies i.e The Maze Runner, Divergent etc, but also...Guardians of the Galaxy, The Expendables 3, F&F 7, CAPTAIN FREAKING AMERICA! So stoked for that movie, it's gonna be goooood! The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Can't even explain the excitement for that. The cast alone are freakin' epic, never mind that it's bloody X-Men!

Who would play you in a movie of your life? A hero or a villain?

Raven Symone? Taraji P Henson? Gabrielle Union? Are these choices a little too ambitious? LOL hmm probably someone in-between a hero and a villain...something like, Yeah i'll save lives blah blah blah, but if you get on my bad side...well let's just say it'll be more villain than hero. (totally not threatening at all LOL)

Great questions! Thanks! : )

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