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Creative spelling, the thing that makes text messages and Twitter indecipherable to those of us over thirty. I'm all for having fun with the English language, but there are surprisingly few films that have misspellings in their titles and I was hard pressed to find five that I liked well enough to make this list. That being said, some of the films that I did find are really excellent.

My runners up include Menace II Society and Boyz N the Hood, two misspelled movies that I haven't seen.

5. Pet Sematary (1989):

Pet Sematary is now available on Netflix Instant. I haven't seen this one for a long time, but it was a film I watched with my best friend in by formative years. It's the kind of movie you rent during a sleepover to watch with the lights off waiting to see who jumps first. There are better Stephen King adaptations out there, but unfortunately all of them are spelled correctly. Of course the misspelling here is because the cemetery in question has a sign in front of it that was made by grieving kids who didn't have a dictionary handy.

4. Son of Rambow (2007):

Rambow has the same reason for its spelling error that Sematary does. The film revolves around two kids making a movie. It's their own version of First Blood and having only heard the name Rambo, this is how they've decided it should be spelled. The movie is a lot of fun even if it gets too sappy for its own good at the end.

3. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006):

This is a great father-son movie starring real life father and son, Will and Jaden Smith. I guess some might call this one sappy as well, but there's something about Will Smith that I love, and his turn here as a father who sacrifices almost everything for a better life really works for me, especially knowing it's based on a true story. The misspelling comes from some graffiti we see in the film.

2. Inglourious Basterds (2009):

Basterds is of course, Quentin Tarantino's World War II Nazi killing opus that features Brad Pitt's gigantic jaw and an amazing performance by Christoph Waltz. The film's misspelling is simply the result of Tarantino wanting it that way. In a New York Times article he was quoted as saying, “Basterds should be spelled with an e. It sounds like it has an e.” The article goes on, "As for the spelling of 'Inglourious,' Mr. Tarantino said: 'I can’t tell you stuff like that. It’s a movie thing.'"

1. Se7en (1995):

Here we find Brad Pitt again, this time as a detective teamed with Morgan Freeman trying to track down the very creepy seven deadly sins killer. Se7en is a great film, one of David Fincher's best, and its creatively misspelled title is a work of art. Though it's listed on some sites with the title spelled correctly (even on the movie poster), IMDB continues to list it as Se7en, which is the way it should be.


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