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Batman, Superman and The Flash. Going into the Justice League film in 2017 we will have only been introduced to 3 of the members (depending on if they decide to include the CW’s Arrow and Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern). MoviePilot is asking users to cast the next Wonder Woman, but should it be for a solo Wonder Woman film or just the Justice League? I certainly think she deserves her own movie. Wonder Woman is kind of like the Captain America of the Justice League, she works closely with the US government and Steve Trevor, and could serve as a good starting point for the League. Below is my pitch for a Wonder Woman film.

The film begins with Steve Trevor on assignment, somewhere in South America near the coast. He is on assignment from Washington, charged with stemming the flow of illegal narcotics from a large cartel. While on assignment, Trevor discovers that a large shipment is taking a new route to the US, up the coast and smuggled into Mexico and through to the United States. While staking out the drop of narcotics at the boat, Trevor is captured and brought aboard, where is tortured and interrogated. The first stop the boat makes is on an island not far off the coast, to load its cargo onto another ship. There, the leader of the cartel tells Trevor that the US government operation has forced them to take an alternate route, and that when they execute him in the morning, his body will never be found. In the morning, Trevor is dragged out into the jungle of the island and accompanied by 4 men. Just before he is about to be shot, a shield rockets out of the trees, striking one of the men. The other three look around wildly before calling for backup. From above, a tall, gorgeous warrior woman descends, sword and whip in hand. She quickly decimates the remaining three men and then turns her blade on Trevor, who is kneeling before her. But before she can strike him down, 5 more men show up and open fire. Using her shield she deflects most of the bullets except a couple which make it past her. One strikes Trevor in the ribs. After defeating the guards, the woman picks Trevor up and slings him over her shoulder. She carries him off into the jungle of the island.

Trevor spends time recovering on the island he calls Paradise Island, indebted to the woman who he comes to know as Diana. They fall in love, and when the time comes for him to leave, he asks her to return to the United States with him, there she can see the world as never before and help him carry out tasks to protect innocent people. She accepts, not wanting to part with him. Back in Washington, Steve reports to his job and was pretty much thought dead but asks to be reassigned to domestic affairs, where he and his new recruit can handle domestic threats to the US.

Months go by and Diana is bored to tears, but one day, the Capital is attacked and agents are given strict orders to stay away while negotiations are held. Diana takes charge. She enters the Capital and strikes dead every terrorist who stands in her way from freeing hostages. The incident is widely publicized and the Wonder Woman becomes a national icon. Just when she is at the height of popularity and her job is finally fulfilling, an entity broadcasts that he has come to challenge Diana for it is his purpose and what he was created for. This is Devastation. Devastation and his few underlings kidnap Steve Trevor and lay siege to Washington DC, in an attempt to coax Diana to fight. She bites, and confronts Devastation, the only one who can beat him.

Following Diana’s victory in battle, Steve Trevor and Diana are held in the highest regard. Trevor is put in charge of a new branch of Homeland Security (JLA) and in the final scene of the film, Diana approaches his office. She makes a request. She says if he wants her to continue to fight for his country against injustice, she cannot do it alone, she’ll need help. Trevor says he has a few ideas of who they can recruit.

So this outline is a bit more succinct than my previous outline for Batman vs. Superman, but I think following BvsS and The Flash films, it could be a perfect precursor to the Justice League film and could provide the inciting incident for why the league was formed. Let me know what you think below and look back soon for my Shared DC Cinematic Universe plan!

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