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How many films can you juggle at once? Scott is currently working on a sequel to 'Blade Runner', the Cold War drama 'Reykjavik', a film about the Gucci family dynasty, an adaptation of 'The Forever War' and a sequel to 'Prometheus'. The director of this year's 'The Counselor' is already working on his Biblical epic Exodus starring Christian Bale, but he's planning yet another project.

Deadline has word that Scott wants to direct a drama shining light on the debilitating effects concussions have on football players, and more importantly, why no one seems to care.

The project is described as being similar to 'The Insider,' where league owners and other sports authorities allow and sometimes cover up these serious injuries.

Director Steve James broached the subject in the documentary Head Games, but a film from Scott could really bring the topic into the mainstream.

While all levels of football are affected, Scott will focus on professional football. It's not clear if the stories will be based on athletes like Junior Seau and Dave Duerson, who both committed suicide after struggling with chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Players such as John Mackey have ended up with dementia, and Jim McMahon himself has suffered memory loss.


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