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So what's your all-time favorite movie? Yes, I know it's not an easy question to answer, considering there are so many great movies. But if you were absolutely forced to answer the question, what would be your cinematic holy grail?

I list Star Trek:First Contact as my all-time favorite movie because I feel it is a complete movie that fulfills on so many levels:

1. It ties into the seven-year TV show by featuring the most sinister villains in Star Trek lore... The Borg. Fans of the ST:The Next Generation surely appreciated the saucer separation in ST:Generations, but putting the Borg on the big screen was truly epic.

2. It showed a normally stoic captain going off the rails hellbent on revenge. Captain Picard didn't always do things by the book (granted, no Starfleet captain ever did), but he was usually the reserved beacon of stability for his crew. In this movie, all he wants to do is pay back the Borg for what they did to him when they kidnapped him years ago ("I must follow them back... repair whatever damage they've done.").

3. It was sexy. The Borg Queen, even in all her cyborg wretchedness, was hot... and you fully expect her to mount Commander Data.

4. It had comedy, but not so much that it made the film campy. Watching the away team deal with Dr. Cochran on the surface was just amusing enough to lighten the mood without derailing the story.

5. It had space battles. When the Borg are tearing up the fleet and Worf begins to accept his imminent demise, one of his officers says, "There's another ship coming in... it's the Enterprise!" I get chills when I hear that line and that ship swoops into frame. Hell, I got chills writing that line.

6.It's directed by one of the cast. Jonathan Frakes handled this story masterfully and it felt like a big screen-worthy endeavor... unlike some other ST movies that played like really long TV shows.

7. For crying out loud, the movie included "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf. When I watch this movie on DVD, I crank the volume when the warp ship lifts off... 'nuff said.

8. Lastly, and this is really a personal thing... the ST:TNG show was big in my life because it was one of those things that I connected with my mom on. My mom loved football, beer, movies and science fiction and we shared those things a lot. We would religiously watch ST:TNG every weekend and fire up old Star Trek movies to pass the time.

I've been a Star Trek fan for a long time. ST:First Contact is the true gem of the series for me and I believe it always will be. Don't get me wrong, the new movies by JJ Abrams are good, but they are not on the same level for me. Abrams' reboot movie was a good action romp and, despite taking liberties with characters (which I understand since the whole timeline changed), I rather liked it. Star Trek Into Darkness, while also a great action movie, ultimately disappointed me with its phoned-in story. I mean, really... you opened up the entire ST universe with the timeline change, and yet we get a reimagined/rehashed version of Wrath of Khan? I think the tipping point for me was when they even went so far as to put dialog from the 1982 movie into different characters' mouths. I'm hoping for better things for Star Trek in the (altered) future. Until then, ST:First Contact is my go-to film.

What's on top of your list?


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