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Producer, director and writer
Morten Løke

The e-motion-capture animated film has closed the finance and are gearing up for production. The complete cast ensemble will be revealed in prep. Follow the movie and check out the facebook page for the film!

The film is produced by Wring Wrong Films Limted and will be an inspiring funny and uplifting movie about and friendship VS illusions and facade.

Synopsis: Sam the Dog makes a drab living as a farmer, but he yearns to win the heart of the lovely Elise The Fox, who is hosting the world’s biggest magician competition nearby. Sam sets out to win the competition despite not being much of an illusionist; lucky for him, his new farmhand, Harold the Turtle, once trained with Houndini himself. Things are looking up until a formidable contestant— the wicked Estrella the Spider—starts playing dirty. Only through the real magic of love and friendship will Sam and his companions seize victory.

Here is some shots from the unofficial pilot - interesting way of combining live miniatures with digital characters - right way to enter a digital mo-cap film!



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