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We all have heard these rumors for a while and now things are actually starting to wind down. Marvel's Kevin Feige has confirmed that the film is "absolutely in development". I mean with a story about a panther tribe in South Africa how can you not make a movie? With the panther not making into Marvel's Phase 2, we expect to see him appear in Phase 3. Having that confirmed the real question comes out of who will play the role. There has been talk for many years of Wesley Snipes, but you all probably know that. Other contenders and who have shown interest for the role are Michael Jai White, Aldis Hodge, Djimon Hounsou and Brian J. White. Who would be the best Black Panther?

Another source said that a rumored Loki film could bring a lot of attention. Fans responded to this in a very positive way saying how it could potentially give Thor a run for it's money. You have a interesting and exciting character, Loki and an actor who portrays the character in a way that no others could do, Hiddleston, what's not the love.

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On the other hand questions have been raised about a potential Sif film. Sif is one of the characters that you just cannot hate. A role very well casted (Jaimie Alexander) and one of the most epic female warriors in comic history. I think all Thor fans are with me on this, we want to see a individual Sif film! Featuring Chris Hemsworth as Thor is also another possibility, maybe a small cameo.

Finally we have another strong female character, Black Widow. Another perfect casting call, Scarlett Johansson delivers such a memorable performance. Chris Hemsworth has told sources that he would love to see his fellow avenger on the big screen with a solo film. This film could feature a better portrayed Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) or if they recast him for reasons.

What are your thoughts? What more solo films would you like to see?


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