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Phil Rose productions is getting some pretty good thoughts from horror lovers as they make the rounds at this years American Film Market in Santa Monica Here's some quotes from the intrawebs-


“Two of our favorite things — monsters and zombies — together in one flick? Where do we sign up!?!? John David Vincent and Philrose Productions’ new flick Mind Rip is on the way, and we’ve got a host of stuff for you to peruse to get yourselves set!”


“I’m loving all these indie creature features in production. BD reader Avery tipped us off to another from John David Vincent and Philrose Productions entitled Mind Rip.”


“If all that doesn’t rock your zombie-lovin’, demonic, giant-monster craving boat, then you’re reading the wrong blog!”


“Monsters and zombies and lots of tongue-in-cheek humor, oh my! You’ll find it all in the very Troma-looking Mind Rip, a movie about comic-book monsters come to life via psychic means.”


“…cool Grindhouse style”


“Looks f***ing terrific if you ask me, perfect 70′s vibe.”


“Just stick a fork in me… cause I’m in ‘Cheesy B-Rated Heaven!’ …I have to say that this is one of the better cut trailers, and I can’t wait to see more. …Now where can I get my copy of “The Vault of The Crypt of The Terror” comic?!!”

From their website-

David Endicott returns to his hometown for the first time in fifteen years. Upon his arrival, there is a series of bizarre deaths, and strange creatures are seen roaming the streets. David begins to suspect that there is a connection between these strange occurrences and his brother Jack who died some twenty years ago.

Mind Rip is a grindhouse-style horror film. With a nod to the terror romps of the seventies, Mind Rip contains over-the-top thrills and tongue-in-cheek violence. Mind Rip draws inspiration from such films as Phantasm, Evil Dead, and the original Dawn of the Dead.

Just watch this new updated trailer and judge for yourself. Personally I would love to see this at a drive-in!


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